Citibank Credit Cards doubling your contributions to Kerala Rebuilding

Kerala was hit with one of the worst floods that the country has seen in a long time. More than a million people are displaced and the local infrastructure the has been devastated by incessant rains and flooding. Even the airport had to shut down for ten days. Luckily, the planes had already been removed, and hence, no collateral damage to them.

Now that the waters have receded, it is the time for efforts to bring things back to normal. While everyone had donated generously during the days, let us not forget that there will be a lot more money required to rebuild the state into being God’s Own Country.

Citibank has stepped up, and they are offering to double up your contributions to the Kerala flood relief efforts.

citibank kerala flood relief

Citibank Kerela Flood Relief Initiative

When you contribute using a Citibank personal debit or credit card, it is not just your donations that go to the victims. The bank is going to donate INR 500 for every customer who contributes INR 250 or more to the Kerala Chief Minister’s Distress Relief Fund. All you have to do is use your Citibank Credit/ Debit Card when you are contributing online to the Fund.

Citibank has partnered with United Way Mumbai to contribute to this cause.  Make sure that you do your part before September 15, 2018, to maximize the amount of aid that is mobilized through this campaign. The best part about their generosity is that there is no upper cap on Citibank’s contribution to the Cause. Ajay has already used all his 3 Citi Credit Cards to make donations. Do note, that the Citi Credit Card which will earn the double contribution, has to be India-issued.

Key terms and conditions of this campaign include:

  • The donation campaign is valid from 26th August 2018 till 15th September 2018.
  • Add-on cards will be treated as separate cards.
  • Citi Corporate Credit Cards are not valid for this scheme.
  • The contribution under this campaign is made by Citibank and not on behalf of customers.
  • The donations via non-Citi payment instruments shall not be considered as eligible for the above purpose.

The floods in Kerala were testing times for the people living there. The state was practically cut off due to rising water. Even the region’s principal airport at Kochi was shut down as the disaster unfolded, at the time of their biggest festival, Onam. Thankfully, we have flights going in and out of the airport back on schedule.


This new Citibank Kerala flood relief campaign is a welcome initiative. It is good to see that large corporates are doing their bit to help people who faced the brunt of these recent floods. So, do your bit to help those in need, and leave the Bank with more reasons to support as well.

Have you donated to the Kerala Chief Minister’s Distress Relief Fund yet?


  1. “Citi Corporate Credit Cards are not valid for this scheme.”
    Why? Seems like a cut-copy-paste of other terms and conditions.

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