TajSATS Catering now home delivers (Chicken Junglee Sandwich too!)

People have questioned my love for airline food a lot of times, but the reality is there is only some stuff I really like from amongst all the offerings of Indians airlines. Back in August, during the last legs of the lockdown, someone found a vendor who was taking meals from TajSATS and delivering them to society complexes such as ours. Needless to say, I ordered a couple of meals, but I could not trace back how the system worked. Also, these meals were nothing to write home about really. Chicken Junglee

But the good news is that you can now get yourselves some of the most interesting stuff from TajSATS right at your home. TajSATS is now on board the recently launched QMin App which facilitates delivery of meals from various Taj hotels within a certain delivery radius. In this case, TajSATS has been onboarded at Mumbai and Delhi to serve meals, and you can look it up on the app under a restaurant named Anuka.

There are a variety of starters, mains and desserts on offer, but what caught my eye was the Chicken Junglee Sandwich, something that has a cult following of its own now ever since it has found its way on to IndiGo flights (read forever).

Chicken Junglee

The only catch is, you have to order a minimum of INR 1,500 worth from one restaurant itself to be able to get your meals delivered. But you can lower the tab by 25%. Taj InnerCircle Members, Amex Charge Cards, Citibank/HDFC Bank/IndusInd Bank and HSBC Premium Credit/Debit Cards get you a 25% discount.

I think it is really cool that TajSATS has started to offer meals to customers directly. These are not all airline meals, strictly speaking, but some hot favourites are there for sure.

Would you be ordering from TajSATS? I sure will, sometime soon. Chicken Junglee, here I come! 


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