Checked bag fee for the 2nd checked bag from India may be gone soon

India’s aviation regulator, the Directorate General of Commercial Aviation has took the initiative in stemming the practice of charging for the second checked bag by some foreign carriers flying from India. As per this news report, the aviation regulator has shot off a missive to all the carriers charging for the 2nd bag to revert to the pre-crisis practice of not charging for the first 2 bags, upto 23 kgs each.

If implemented, this means the non-frequent traveler save a substantial amount of money taking their second bag over to the US, Europe etc. This will also take care of a disparity between the Indian carriers who still offer 2 checked bags of 23  kgs for travel to Europe and USA, and the other carriers who charge second bag onwards.

Watch this space for more updates on where this progresses.



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