Cheap Flights to Seychelles (for INR 20K)

This morning, I wrote about the awesome deal which allows you to travel from India to the USA for INR 1 Lakh in Business Class. It turns out, that is not the only awesome deal that is around. If you have some time to plan another holiday, you can head to Seychelles, where a roundtrip is costing just under 20000 INR right now.



Take a look at this snapshot on Ethiopian Airlines. The fare is at INR 19500, and it has been like this for a long time now.

Mumbai to Mahe for INR 20K

Mumbai to Mahe for INR 20K

The best place to book such a fare is a metasearch website such as or Momondo to find the best fares and then take you to the website which will offer you the best deal. I could find this deal from Mumbai, but there could be other stations as well. While you see a long layover one end, it is easy to get out for Indians and soak in a bit of Ethiopia as well in the meanwhile.

So is that beach calling you? Do let us know if you choose to use this deal!


  1. An insider quirk on Seychelles flights – Try getting a quote from a travel agent. Since the quotes online (including on Air Seychelles, Jet Airways & Etihad) do not show all classes of travel (Economy & Business). I managed to get a quote for Direct 4:30 hours flight from BOM for INR 30-35K from an agent on ‘W’ Class whereas on all portal the stating fare for any Economy Class was INR 60-70K.

    A destination not to be missed with exotic beaches & pricey branded Hotels but with good hospitality.

  2. Hi Ajay,

    Thats an awesome find! I’d love to know about more places and deals like these..always planning a trip but not as frequent a flyer as yourself 🙂
    Continue to spread the word on these for multiple destinations…

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