Deal: Cheap flights to Singapore, Bali and more (INR 20K)

Yesterday, I wrote about the excellent deal which allows you to travel from India to the USA for INR 1 Lakh in Business Class. It turns out, that is not the only remarkable deal that is around. If you have some time to plan another holiday, you can head to Seychelles, where a roundtrip is costing just under 20000 INR right now. But there are tonnes of Cheap Flights from India right now and this is one more of them!

Cheap Flights from India

And if you like South East Asia more, then there is an impressive sale from a full-service airline that you should have a look at. Malaysia Airlines, the flag carrier of Malaysia, is running a promotion where you can book flights from all Indian destinations to major South East Asian destinations for about INR 20K.

Take, for example, Kuala Lumpur. The carrier is offering INR 15,500 for Mumbai to KL. INR 16K from Delhi to KL

Cheap flights to Kuala Lumpur

And INR 25K from Delhi to Bali. INR 18K from Mumbai to Bali. It’s all out there for cheap!

Cheap Flights to Bali

Given the sale is valid for bookings through January 25, 2018, and travel through June 2018, there are many great deals in here. If you have any sort of status with a oneworld airline, you should also be able to get better seats and lounge access. Check out the Sale page here for booking your flights.


Right now is the best time to book your travels all over and then have a vacation to look forward to later in the year. What are you booking up?

Malaysia Airlines


  1. @Majumdar

    MH is a pretty good airline. And I agree with Ajay….. ur comments are indeed in poor taste.
    I dont think anyone in any air disaster goes up with the intent of ending up like the 2 MH flights.


  2. AJ,

    MH is cheap no doubt but also has a tendency to get shot down or simply disappear into thin air. I hope your readers will keep that in mind.


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