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Air India Express sets course for transformation reveal next week

a plane flying in the sky

After the big bang event in Delhi to reveal the Air India brand and livery efforts in August 2023, the group’s low-cost brand, Air India Express, is all set for its reveal. Air India Express’ growth strategy Earlier in 2023, Air India, on a group level, ordered 470 aircraft from Boeing and Airbus towards their expansion plans. The order book included 190 737 MAX Aircraft and 50 Options. While the merger of Air India Express and AirAsia India progresses, the airlines now function under common management. They are still operating with two different Air Operators Certificates and two different fleets, though (AirAsia India was an A320 operator), and Air India Express is a Boeing 737 operator. However, some A320s are now…

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Air India and US airlines bring back crew from Israel; AI puts temporary halt on Israel flight operations

a group of people on an airplane

Air India has brought home its people responsible for flight and airport operations who were in Tel Aviv when the conflict broke out. They have since cancelled flights into TLV and are monitoring the situation. Other airlines have also brought their employees out from Tel Aviv.

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