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How to maximise your Groceries spend while sitting home?

Grocery Credit Card India

Here is how you can get the most number of miles and points with your cards these days, on what is perhaps the most exciting activity while sitting at home under this current lockdown. Maximise your points and miles and cashback while doing Grocery Spending. This is how.

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CoVid19: Did Indian airlines make payroll for March 2020?

Airlines across the nation had to meet payroll yesterday. While some did a stellar job, paying up ahead to employees and paying in full, some others did not keep their commitment to their employees. Here is an update on the March payroll for Indian airlines.

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First Impressions of the British Airways A350 Club Suite (ex Bangalore – London)

British Airways recently introduced the new Club Suite on their A350-1000 aircraft which were inducted into the fleet in July 2019. I recently tried out the new product and here are the first impressions of the new product as per my experience.

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JetPrivilege tells 9.8 million members to pound sand with quiet Etihad Airways devaluation


The JetPrivilege programme changes, which came by unannounced right before Diwali 2019, destroyed any remaining value in the loyalty programme after most value evaporated due to the shut down of Jet Airways. Etihad redemptions have also been devalued now.

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