British Airways First Class ex-LHR/DEL/BOM from GBP 2500/INR 1,88,000!

British Airways is offering great First Class companion fares from India to London Heathrow, and vice versa for London to India. This deal allows you to fly British Airways first class for business class prices. Ajay and Shipra experienced BA’s 787-9 First Class last year and here is what Ajay has to say about it. Quite frankly, Laurent Perrier Grand Siecle over 9 hours should be enough to seal the deal.

British Airways first class companion

If you are flying out of Mumbai, expect to pay around INR 1,88,000 return person and INR 1,99,000 return per person from New Delhi on British Airways. Make sure you book before August 6, 2018, to avail these fares, for travel between August 1, 2018, through January 31, 2019. The exception is Delhi to London in November 2018. Here are the details of the offer from India.

Similarly, British Airways ex-London is offering First Class to Delhi and Mumbai from GBP 2500 onwards.

BA operates the 787 to Mumbai on one rotation, and the 777 on the other flight. From Delhi, both the flights are operated on the 777 for the summer schedule.

This is also a great opportunity to rack up some Avios. Up to 35,752 Avios up for grabs if you are flying ex-Mumbai and 33,352 Avios if flying ex-New Delhi.

British Airways first class companion

British Airways First Class on the 787-9

Some key Terms and Conditions Include:

  • The offer is available only from Delhi and Mumbai to London (and similarly from London to India) for 2 or more passengers travelling in the same compartment and on the same sectors.
  • Offer valid for travel from 1 August 2018 and before 31 January 2019.
  • Offer is not valid for sale from Delhi – London & v.v. for the month of November.


With this offer, you can spend a little more than an average ticket business class ticket to fly British Airways first class and with the extra Avios  and tier points that a first class ticket get you, this is an idea worth considering.

Have you flown on British Airways first class lately? How was your experience?


  1. “Worth considering”, except for BA’s absence of cleaning, service, comfort or reliability. I speak as a Brit who has flown globally for 2 decades largely with the then excellent BA. Today, embarrassed by the Spanish registered and traded corporations decimation of what used to be a quality service in recent years.
    #flyABBA for comfort, service, reliability and value

  2. I’m sure you are aware that BA first is a good quality business class product both in terms of hard and soft product. 1.9L is overpriced when jet offers J for 1.2L. or stop over via ME carriers (if you have the time) for the same price for double the fun.

    Jet J is a much better option for direct from BOM than BA F. Plus 70k in pocket. Spend that in the UK for some great hotel room instead.

    Also, if one does fly BA, please credit miles to AS and get a few free business class flights to Japan and south East Asia (I flew del to tyo to sin for 25k Alaska miles in J on JAL) instead of crediting to the useless overpriced avios scheme.

    Check Alaska miles earned on BA F. You will be pleasantly surprised. I know this is not for the novice flyer, but it’s worth educating ppl who would be interested. Who doesn’t like to maximise miles and points?!

    Just my 2c worth!

    • Totally agree. Why would anyone Credit this to avios? I feel this blog can do so much more- yet restricts itself.

      Also BA F is crap. And this is not any kind of special fare. You guys should do more research before posting

      • @Jay, I think Avios is one of the options and there are others. So, your mileage may vary. Would you like to clarify why BA F is crap, and this is not any kind of special fare. You should do more research and bother to elaborate your comments before posting as well just like you expect us to.

    • @VK, yes of course, BA F is equivalent to J on other carriers. But there are people who love BA and swear by it. Just my 2c worth.

      • I agree. BA does have its followers and BA F, when the crew are good, can be excellent, esp departing from LHR.

        Having said that, I actively avoid BA as I usually fly J. BA also don’t care as they have huge contracts with most brit companies and therefore are always flying full in their sardine J class to most major cities.

        Once they launch their new seat next year and roll it out (in 5 yrs time given the size of their fleet) they may become worth flying with again.

        Until then its only worth flying with them if they have heavily discounted F.

        Also, this 1.9L (about 2k GBP) fare is definitely a discounted fare, esp departing from LHR where J is usually 1700 to 2000 GBP on 9W, VS and also on BA itself.

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