AwardWallet giveaway: the AwardWallet-AAdvantage alliance

Like you must have read around the blogosphere, AwardWallet recently tied up with American Airlines’ loyalty program AAdvantage, this time in an official capacity, to be able to give their members access to AAdvantage balances. The upgraded relationship also allows you to track your SWUs with AAdvantage in Awardwallet.

AwardWallet has a free version and a premium paid version. The AwardWallet Plus version costs you upwards of $5 for 6 months. Here is a summary of the differences:


Now, if you haven’t had an AwardWallet account ever, you could sign up for a free 6-months usage of AwardWallet Plus with the following Coupon Code while signing up: LiveFromALounge (case-insensitive).


If you have troubles signing up with the promocode, you could also sign up with my referral link here.

For those of you who are existing users of AwardWallet, I am giving away 8 coupon codes for a 6 month Plus membership.

All you need to do, is tell me your favourite feature of AwardWallet in the comments section below, and I’ll select 8 entries from the list. Ensure you use a valid email address so that I can get in touch with you if you’re the winner. I’ll keep entries open till Sunday, 11 August 2013, 12 noon Mountain Time. All the best!

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  1. I really like the account change feature stating how much the account went up or down. I can then click through and log into the account directly to double check exactly what the points change was for.

  2. Being able to track all of my parents, wife’s, and kids loyalty accounts accounts from one awardvwallet account to keep theirs from expiring is huge.

  3. Notification that the flight has been changed, even smallest time change in departing/arriving. Very useful when trying to change award booking without the fee (since the airline has made a flight change).

  4. I love the proactive warning of miles/points expiration; I was able to generate activity keeping all accounts current as a results as long as I had the Plus membership.

  5. For me, I love award wallet for these reasons:
    1. Obviously, consolidation of all my mileage programs (hotels + airline + car rental agencies). No more multiple logins/password to remember.
    2. Ability to track all this for whole family.
    3. Single site to see all the ongoing promos by various programs. Very very useful!

  6. I can click on the program and it will log me into that program with cashback portal click through.

  7. I love how I get weekly emails of my progress in earning miles/points and also reminder emails when these miles expire!

  8. I have 2 favorite things about Award wallet.
    1. It keeps track of my points and miles totals.
    2. Simply- I have all of my rewards account numbers in one spot, and can pull them up as quickly as I can open the app.

  9. My favorite feature is being able to quickly and easily keep miles for the whole family in one easy to use place. Much better than the spreadsheet I used to have!

  10. Was about to lose 8000 points at AA. Award Wallet reminded me and I was able to transfer a few SPG points to AA to keep the AA points from expiring.

  11. This might seem trivial, but I really like the speed and the overall UI. Other tracking sites require multiple clicks to get to the information that AW shows off the bat. Although the site doesn’t look all that fancy, it’s one of the most usable tracking/aggregator sites there is.

  12. Being able to track all my point in one single location..!! would love the code to extend the plus membership.

  13. One great feature I think I would be very beneficial is AwardWallet OneCard’s credit card sized plastic card with magnetic strip enables you to check in for your flights at airport kiosks. The card has your account numbers and program phone numbers printed on the front and back sides all in one place.

    Great giveaway! Hopefully my entry will be picked and I can get a OneCard of my own.

  14. I love Award Wallet! I had used another service and liked it fine until I tried Award Wallet. It is the best. I love being able to keep track of another person’s account besides my own, to have everything in one place and enjoy the whole experience! I like the email alerts as well as having travel plans aggregate in one place.

  15. I just upgraded today before I read your blog……..but I`d love to extend for another 6 months.
    Award Wallet is overall the best…now if Delta and Southwest would also concur

  16. My favorite feature is the main page breakdown of airlines, hotels, or cars, that tells me at a glance which program I should be focusing on at any one time – for either building or using miles/points.

  17. Best feature is it breaks down points for each family member separately so each person can see their totals independently. Great for families where everyone travels.

  18. I like the ability to check my account info on the awardwallet app to book an award flight to vegas on the fly.

  19. By far, it’s the notification of miles and the fact that it’ll tell you how to reset the clock (like buying 1000 miles from some hotels). Totally worth the money.

  20. Notifications about expiring miles. Also love the reintroduction of American Airlines into the system.

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