Please welcome Ashwant to the Gang!

As LiveFromALounge grows in age, we are also increasing in size. Last month, we invited people to join the LFAL team, and we came across some nice profiles. Thank you very much for all the love and all the many applications we received. We loved quite a few profiles and we are still in the process of going through the whole list and contacting people where we see a fit to take it forward.

However, one submission jumped off the page, and Shipra and myself were both very interested in meeting this young lad. Once we met him, we knew we had to have him on board to add to our repertoire of experience.

Allow us to introduce you to Ashwant Rajasekar. Ashwant has been a tech founder and knows the drill of being an entrepreneur and the speed that comes with it. His entrepreneurial pursuits took him places, which meant he had chosen his path. A Jet Airways frequent flier, he wears his JetPrivilege Platinum tag on his bag proudly. Statistics reveal he is on a plane twice a month if not more. Ashwant has now come on board full-time to work with us, and he will be helping us with some key initiatives we’ve planned for the future.

Ashwant has lived across Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad, and when he is not working, he loves to be on his diving trips. In fact, expect to hear about one soon over the coming days. You can find him on Twitter at @AshAtALounge.

Ashwant’s posts will start to appear today on the site, but till then, say hello to him, and flood him with all your questions you want answered from us. And help him find his way around here as well.


  1. Welcome aboard at this site.

    I do have a problem/question to ask about Air India problems that were listed in another area of “Boarding Area”. It involves problems with bed bugs on Various flights mainly in the Business Section.

    I am scheduled on three flight segments on AI in November and December. AI 710 from Dimapur to Calcutta; AI 776 Calcutta to Bhuvabeswar; Bhubaneswar to Delhi.

    Suggestions? If necessary forward this to someone else in the know. Thanks sj

  2. Awesome – Welcome Ashwant and looking forward to your posts!! Happy to see LFAL team growing and expanding! Best wishes and keep doing what you are doing guys!! Enlightening Souls like us!! 🙂 Cheers!

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