Another new Jet Airways convenience fee now in place!

Seems like someone is out to milk its customers. On one hand, Jet Airways offers Rs. 200 and Rs. 500 discounts on its website, asking people to book directly with them, and now, they have sneaked in a new ‘convenience fee’ a la ‘low cost airlines’ to recoup some of the money they let you save on their flights.

Take a look at this new convenience surcharge and be aware when you book online on… here is the first screen when you select your flight and get your fare details in place, no mention of the ‘convenience fee’!!!


And now, on screen 2,when it is time to pay up, you will find out that Jet Airways mysteriously adds another 100 bucks as ‘non-refundable convenience fee per guest’


Turns out this fee is new, and only when you sneak around the Jet Airways website you will find it hidden in the fineprint somewhere (on the mobile website no less, I can’t find this information on the regular website!)


Now, while all the low cost carriers do charge these amounts in India, it is the first time I am seeing a full-service carrier charging to use their website. And this means they will charge for the phone and face-to-face bookings as well (Rs. 150 was imposed in December 2011). Or is this just the cost to become an American Airlines elite while flying Jet Airways 😉

There you have it, one more arbitrary surcharge on your flying. What do you guys think of the new one? Is Jet Airways seriously trying to become a low-cost carrier or just trying to squeeze us while they can since AI and KF are ailing too bad!

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  1. Jet flights to from Dammam to Thiruvananthapuram & Kochi (and also back) is really a cattle transporting service, with no leg space between seats, filthy food and ugly services in the flight. Also, the fare is always at the higher end.
    Now they charge the Convenience fee of Rs. 300.00 in addition to the normal fare. But the poor Gulf passengers have no option since this is the only flight flying directly.
    It is my suggestion that Air India can ground all their flights and just get the “commission” offered by Jet Air so the officials of Air India can become millionaires.


  3. AJ,
    The convenience fee is mentioned in the website too. I saw and was quiet surprised how meekly they have sneaked this into the pricing. All I can say is “Pathetic”. This is not the way to make money!

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