American Express 15K gift card for 400K spend

American Express is trying to scoop the holidays business with a new promotion they have recently launched for customers of the Gold Charge Card, Membership Rewards Credit Card, and the American Express Platinum Reserve Credit Card.  The promotion is called “Earn a Holiday.” and it gets you an American Express Gift Card if you choose to participate.

American Express Gift Card Contest

The new American Express promotion is a two-tiered spend promotion, where they are looking to get your business switched to their card, in exchange of a travel gift card, which can only be used for a hotel reservation.

Total purchases on your card include spending on your add-on cards as well. The promotion requires registration, and all spend between March 15, or the date of enrolment (whichever is later) and April 30, 2018, will count. Expect your gift card to arrive within another 90 days in your mail, which can be redeemed at the Amex travel website. EMI transactions do not count for this promotion.


It would be good to register for this promotion if you are targetted. However, I do not see my spend being moved to this card solely by this promotion unless I need a huge credit line in the next few days for something. However, if Amex is your primary card, then for sure you are in for a great run.

What do you think of the current American Express promotion? Will you bite?


  1. Need to spend 5 lacs. If I do that on my Jet Platinum Amex, I get 26000 miles and a 15000 voucher. Worth it ? Other options are Diners Black or Yes First Exclusive.

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