Air India Vande Bharat Mission Phase 4 Commences July 3. USA / Canada flights to be bookable on June 29

It is no secret that the stoppage of commercial air travel over the past few months has left a lot of people stranded in India and also left a lot of Indians left stranded abroad. With this in mind, Air India was assigned the task of bringing back Indians from across the globe. Ideally, they are best suited for the mission given their wide-body aircraft portfolio. But Air India has been selling tickets on both legs for many flights, while the costs per seat were arrived at with the assumption that the outward leg would fly empty.

There has been a great rush for Air India’s flights, especially to and from the USA, with flights selling out three minutes after opening bookings. This also has been because a minimal number of flights have been operated in the first month of the repatriation flights mission. After a flurry of flights in Phase 3 to the USA, and the rap on the knuckles from the US DoT, in the fourth phase there is hardly any flights to the USA. However, a lot of flights to Australia and the UK this time. And no flights to some of the other European countries which were covered in the last rounds. Here is the full schedule for Air India as of June 27. Phase 4 of the Vande Bharat Mission repatriation flights start on July 4, 2020.

Here are some flight schedules for flights outwards from India.

Flights from India to the USA during Vande Bharat Phase 4 (Information as of June 27, 2020)

a table with a number of cities

Flights from India to Canada during Vande Bharat Phase 4 (Information as of June 27, 2020)

a table with time and numbers

Flights from India to Australia during Vande Bharat Phase 4 (Information as of June 27, 2020)

a table with a number of cities

Flights from India to Africa during Vande Bharat Phase 4 (Information as of June 27, 2020)

a table with black text and numbers

Flights from India to the United Kingdom during Vande Bharat Phase 4 (Information as of June 27, 2020)

a table with numbers and time

Of course, this is not the full schedule of flights. Here is the full schedule for your reference.

AirIndia Flight Booking Online for Vande Bharat Phase 4

While I was slightly occupied trying to address my non-existent social life for the past many months with a quick meal with my brother, Air India already seems to be sold out on the flights to Australia. For the rest, flights to the USA, Canada and London are still to be opened.

Flights for India USA and India Canada will be bookable at 2000 Hours IST on June 29, 2020. However, try a short while before the scheduled time of booking and you have a better shot at booking a ticket.

a document with text and numbers


If you are looking to fly back from India, you should be ready to book your tickets. If Air India’s track record is anything to go by, get yourself a lot of patience to go by, and if you have multiple credit cards, keep them along as well. Air India’s website will get slammed at the opening hour, and things will go wrong before they go right.

All the best!

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  1. When is SCHEDULED direct or indirect Air India INTERNATIONAL flight between India and London resuming .. any input here ..

  2. VANDE BHARAT MISSION is the deliberate scam, to loot innocent desperate stranded poor people .. VBM charges are EXTREMELY too high and banned in US and other countries. .. This is THE broad day light cheating (robbery) by Indian government to rescue BANKRUPT Air India .. what a shameful SCAM on citizens of India by Indian Government .. so when is the suspended international SCHEDULED FLIGHTS operating, many already have return booking some are pushed to use VBM how disgusting .. various date changes done to run this CHEATING service at the cost of suffering Indians. ..

    • Not surprised!
      India is the most corrupt country in the world.
      Most corrupt are the highest government officials and it trickles down to
      the lowest. The government officials have stepped in the shoes of the British and are treating people like piece of dirt and get away with it. In any Western country, these officials would be kicked out at once.
      Tolerance is regarded great virtue in India and the oppression and tyranny goes on like during the British Raj.

  3. I Booked 03 tickets from Sanfransisco to New Delhi for 18 July 2020 on line. Now I wants to cancel tickets due to lockdown and delcaring red zone in Bangalore. We senior citizens and are prone to Covid -19. Kindly advise.

  4. i and my wife are senior citizens above the age of 80 years. We landed in BOSTON (USA) on 12/12/2019 on a 6 months B2 visa. Our visa has expired on 6/11/2020. Our British Airways return ticket was cancelled as a result of cancellation of flight. Refund of the cancelled ticket is still pending with BA.
    We booked for repatriation with Indian Embassy Washington and Consulate in New York. The Air India repatriation flights from USA do not operate from BOSTON. Our old age do not permit us to take the ordeal of flying to New York to catch the Vande Bharat flights owing to specially under the Covid 19 pandemic.
    Qatar Airways have started to fly from Boston to Doha and they have scheduled connecting flights to KOZHIKODE, Kerala. If India reopens flight to KOZHIKODE, we can reach our home in Kasaragode District within the shortest travel time. Will Govt. of India help people like us?

  5. Please let me know how to book air India express flights scheduled through Vande Bharat from Chennai to Dubai . Me and my daughter are stranded in Chennai. Unable to go home . Why are we not able to book the tickets when there is a schedule .

  6. Myself and my spouse visited my son in USA on 4th Feb 2020 by Air India flight from Delhi to SFO and our return flight which was booked for 5th June 2020 got cancelled.
    Our stay at USA is permitted upto 3rd August 2020. We would like to return to Hyderabad India before 3rd August. Kindly do the needful.

  7. Sir/Madam,

    Kindly open up International airlines so other airlines also can make money not only Air India,I am stuck in Mumbai since 25th March I need to go back my home Saipan (Northern marianas Island U.S.A) soonest possible please help me out thank you.

    • Hope government don’t extend the SUSPENSION .. so many have and are stranded .. can’t afford VBM ripoff ticket

  8. What about Ahemedabad/Mumbai to muscat flight.My self & my six colegue stuck in india due toblock down as we came india on vacation.we working in oil & Gas company rotation job.our relever come back from oman.our company seriously need us to join company.But no vandebharat or any UAE flight allowed to go muscat.Need to see other company requrement of manpoer to get production.

  9. I am returning customer holding air india ticket The only flight option I have is from Delhi to Heathrow when I was due to fly from Amritsar to Birmingham The additional charges the are asking is £300 per person it Daylight Roberby

  10. Indian shittie and greedy thieves government is looting people stranded in India, my wife is stuck in India and greedy hard core criminal terrorists government of India is charging 4 time more money to travel back and still seat is not confirm.
    Shit Indian government on this planet.

  11. I am stuck up in New Jersey ,my return ticket was on 2nd April of air India .They have monopolized air travel .1 lakh ticket and 30 thosands for quarantine is too high a price in vande Bharat mission.After threatening by USA they are going to allow foreign air lines,hope price will reduce.They don’t give information and keep their customers in limbo.

  12. I was fly to Chicago last week
    From Delhi if you want to fly air India plz take your food with you no body ask anything they give you 2small cheese sandwiches 2bottles water 1samosa ,2 small pack snacks for 15hrs flight 1st 15 min and last 15min you see the air hostesses rest of the time only serve pilots
    I was waiting 15min for checkup temperature no body was there for that at airport
    Don’t pay extra for reserve seat which seat you choose and pay they change any time
    Seats are not comfortable no blankets plz sanitize your seat before sitting but after too many complaints finally i am back too USA now I don’t care because I live with my family at my home finally thanx india
    And air india crue

  13. I am stuck up in Germany since March, my return flight was 26tj march by Kuwait airways, but till date no assurance given by airlines. I would like return India thru VBM but no idea for flight availabke frim Munich, Germany. Pl help
    R. M. Shah

  14. My bother-in-law is held up in Sharjah and visa also expired more than 2 months, he could not get ticket to come back to Tamilnadu. Several times we tried to contact Air India and Embassy but we could not get any response, Kindly help.

  15. My son is held up in Nice, in France and he could not get ticket to come back to mumbai. Several times we tried to contact Air India and Embassy but we could not get any response, Kindly help

  16. I am so disgusted with Air India. it is one the most mismanaged companies i have dealt with in my life. Its staff and management are the most inefficient and worthless people. I can get a better answer from a rock/stone than from an Air India employee. I have a return ticket from Air India JFK (NYC) to CCU(Calcutta). I spent countless hours by phone and email to find out when regular international flights will commence and also if we can use our original tickets and if we have to pay extra to book in the repatriation flights. I also went to Air India office at Kolkata airport and in the city. I was told by the employee in the city office that when I buy on line I can ask that question. That is the part of the story with Air India. On the ministry of aviation side I see they are protecting Air India by refraining airlines from other countries not to operate from India. This is evident from the threatening tone from USA and aviation ministry in India didn’t have any qualified answer to that threat. Mr. Puri, the aviation minister changes his story every day and his correlation of 50% domestic flight capacity with the opening of regular international flight is really laughable.

    • Joe Majumdar

      I came in Calcutta from New York on last week of February and supposed to back on last week of March by Emirate Air but due to lockdown I got stuck over 3 month . Most of the guy in aviation department are stupid king ! Frankly, they don’t have anything except story . So called VB Air India services (worst air line in civilized world) is a joke’s , no body ever pickup phone nor email to help customers. Is it called professional service ? Hope Mr. PM will help us and get smart guy and experience minister in aviation sector .

  17. India government only Amir logo ke help karti hai Doha Mai Hajaro majdoor log3-3 month se standby Mai hai company salary be nahi de rahi hajaro worker Ka name Indian embassy Mai be registered hai Fir be India government Doha se Indian majdoor logo ko India nahi laa rahi

  18. This VB scheme will probably not go on for long if the Indian govt does not give rights to other carriers to fly to India anymore। I suspect these are the last lot of flights unless countries like UAE or the US are also allowed their flights in

    AI is making huge amounts by giving this excuse of one way flights and this has to stop। It’s unfair on people who are trying to get back।

  19. Dear sir
    My friends are in Qatar & they want to come back india in vande Bharat mission flight. Please give me Idea & process for the above matter..
    My friends company all ready rejisration in embassy of India .
    Now which of documents want to book a flight in vande Bharat mission .
    Please help me. My friends parents are worried about them. My friends are not educated & they don’t know about process of above matter.
    Please help me & support above matter.

  20. Sir kindly lift travel ban on oci card and Indian American tourist visa holders to visit India on family compelling reasons nonemergency.
    Thanks and kind regards
    Padmanabha Rao Yajamanam

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