Full list of Air India Repatriation Flights from USA/Canada/Europe/Australia for July 2020

It is no secret that the stoppage of commercial air travel over the past few months has left a lot of people stranded in India and also left a lot of Indians left stranded abroad. With this in mind, Air India was assigned the task of bringing back Indians from across the globe. Ideally, they are best suited for the mission given their wide-body aircraft portfolio. But Air India has been selling tickets on both legs for many flights, while the costs per seat were arrived at with the assumption that the outward leg would fly empty. There has been a great rush for Air India’s flights, especially to the USA, with flights selling out literally three minutes after opening bookings. This also has been because a minimal number of flights have been operated in the first month of the repatriation flights mission. Now, there is the next phase of Air India Evacuation flights which is being prepared from July 2020 onwards.

Air India Evacuation Flights

Earlier this week, the Government of India made the first indication that they will be putting out many more flights to bring back Indians home. The good thing is, the empty legs take people back to their workplaces/residences as well. Here are the flights that will be coming up to fly to India.

Air India will operate 114 flights (between July 3-15,2020) including 31 flights to the US, 19 to the UK, 9 to Canada & 8 to Australia. AI Express will operate 300 flights in July (136 up to July 14 & 164 between July 15 & 31, 2020).

Flights from the USA to India

Flights from Canada to India

Flights from the UK to India

Flights from Australia to India

This is excellent news for people who want to fly back to India. This is not an exhaustive list, however, and the full list is available here.

Do you think there will be enough seats available on the next round of Air India Evacuation Flights to keep everyone happy?

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  1. I just came back on Monday via AI to Newark
    U just try your luck in booking on website . Two three different computers…
    No embassy or government will help…
    I got tkts after 4 months
    Try United

  2. I’m a citizen of USA stuck in Mumbai want to go back home Chicago.How do i get airline ticket for reparations flights?

  3. Please consider additional flights from Melbourne to Chennai..have been here for 5 months and my 2 sons back home in Chennai…I am desperate to get back home…have registered thrice for the VBM but no chance…ALTERNATIVELY PLEASE RESUME INTERNATIONAL FLIGHTS as the ticket prices would be within our budget….

  4. I am a permanent resident of Canada and stuck in Thiruvananthapuram,Kerala,India.
    Would like to get back to Toronto,Canada.
    are there any flights leaving TRV to Toronto.
    Please let me know as I am desperate

  5. I had booked flight from RDU to New Delhi on 21.08.2020 along with my wife. I want to know the status of my flight. Whether it will be run only to up to London or whether it will be from RDU only. I have to go through evacuated flights only . I want to know the status of my flight.

    Raman khetarpal Ritu Khetarpal

  6. My wife was due to come back to UK
    in April, like many other trapped in India with an Air India return ticket not honored. Any decent airline would honor their responsibility. Not Air India they have turned booking flights into a bun fight.The minister keeps boasting about his fame in returning nationals to India. On top of that increasing fares ? Air India will long be remembered for their poor service and their poor treatment of its customers. To say systems cannot be made safe to contain the virus is proved wrong as shown by Bengaluru
    Airport that has excellent systems.

  7. I want unite with my family in venice as I am stranded in India since lockdown. Will Gov’t planning flight to Italy? If I can not arrive in venice Italy before my finger prints appointment due by July and I may lose residence permit process which is due for renewal

  8. My granddaughter wishes to come home to the U.K. but cannot seem to get a flight from mumbai to Heathrow she’s been out there for months now and needs help getting a genuine flight back.

  9. Such an irony. Phase 4 already started and there are still many separated families stranded in India and abroad. Wish something could be done to clear the backlog. “Wish” is a strong word. Wish along with “hope” is a symbol of future. A future that currently looks unclear, foggy and unrealistic for those separated from thier families. And all this pain and agony for mere politics. Sometimes I think, covid 19 is just a reason. Otherwise why we would be having Phase 4. Why can’t we open consulate and resume the halted visa interviews? Why can’t the nations think about unification of those stranded passengers with thier dear ones. Just imagine the plethora of thoughts revolving around a family, every time they see news about such flight. But to thier scenario, it is just another flight flying in air because it is not solving thier agony. Happy for those who could be united and safe through those missions. But praying for those who cannot avail such services of VBM and experience the joy of being united with their near and dear ones.

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