Are domestic flights resuming on May 15? Air India puts up flight on sale.

Domestic flights have been grounded since March 25 onwards, and since then the lockdown has been moving forward 15 days at a time, and airlines are told to wait for their turn to come for booking the next set of flights. However, it seems a decision to open domestic flight bookings will be sooner than later at the moment.

Civil Aviation Minister Hardeep S Puri has been stating that flights can be opened as early as within a week, but he has also been stating that flights will only be operating between green zones for now. However, clarity may be setting in, as Air India has put in place a few domestic flights up for sale later this week onwards.

At the moment, I can spot tickets being sold for one flight a day between Chennai and Delhi every day from May 15, 2020, to May 31, 2020.

However, this seems to be the only flight I can find available for sale at the moment. Even the reverse flight for Delhi – Chennai is showing unavailable for now.

Now, this could be a big mistake where someone left the sole flight left open on the schedule, or it is just that the schedule is not fully loaded yet and more flights could be up for sale once the decision of the Government of India comes out today on when will flights be resuming.

Air India always seems to have advance knowledge of things, so it won’t be a surprise that Air India will have been sounded off and they are priming up their website to be able to sell tickets the minute they receive the GO sign from their superiors.

What do you make of the sale of a solitary domestic Air India flight at the moment by the airline on their website?

(H/T Balaji Venkataraman)



  1. I wish to reached kolkata from Pune at the earliest by flight because my parents are there.

  2. Dear DGCA team,

    I’m stuck in Mumbai since March and want to return to Bangalore… I have come to visit my ailing mother….
    My husband lives alone and he is not well , so please start the domestic flight soon
    I will be obliged and grateful to you

  3. I am 65 years old man came to delhi tor medical checkup fron kolkata. Domestic flight should be started from new delhi to kolkata at an early date.

  4. I am stuck in Goa since 10th March..was to return back home to Kolkata on 31st. I hv a son there alone n need to get away at the earliest. Wud be grateful ful if arrangements cud be made on a priority basis for people like us. I came to Goa on Indigo n hv a return ticket on Indigo itself.
    Pls so something.
    Thank you
    Yours sincerely

  5. I am stuck in Goa since 10th March. Would appreciate if some assistance could be worked out for me to fly back to Kolkata where I hv my only son. I was booked to travel back to Kol on 31st March. It’s nearly three 2 1/2 months now that I am stranded here. Kindly do the needful n oblige.
    Will remain ever so grateful to u. Thank you

  6. Pls open borders for family friend visa ibhv to fly to Denmark Sweden it’s a humbly request .please open borders . It comes under family friends visa so m sure thts possible ita not jus tourist . Pls allow loved ones meet before. We understand the situation but we will follow rules of social distancing n other noms

    • Please do start international flights for family friends visa to EU n US pls allow family n friends to meet . The mental n emotional state of mind should balso consider. Please allow loved ones to meet

  7. Sir please allow flights from chennai because many students and people have been stuck there for many days including me sir i have been stuck in chennai for more then 1 month.

  8. l am in Kolkata with my family. My daughter is C.B.S.C. board candidate.l am suffering in Kolkata as as stranded man .please I want to go Agartala, Tripura. It’s very argent.

    • I got a big scam from travolook travel agency on 2 nd April I book the ticket fir Mumbai to varanashi they took money from card and did nt given any service n now they not refunded my money back they did a big scam with me n such situations they did such thing company name is travalook n there merchant us wing a travel which located in hariyana plz guy we aware about this company travalook

  9. Please start flights from Bhubaneshwar too to Karnataka and Goa as my son is stuck and he needs to come back Anxiety increasing daily

  10. Myself and two senior citizens from Delhi came to Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, for naturopath treatment in mid of March 2020 for 15 days and are not able to go back because of lock down and non availability of air travel. Could the govt look into it so that we could go back to their families.

  11. pm
    I wish to reached Pune from Delhi at the earliest by flight because my Husband are there.please start Domestic flight asap

  12. Please Flight Should Be Started I Am Struck In Anand,Gujarat…..I Have To Go To Home in Guwahati, Assam For My NEET PG 2020 Admission…..As I am Alone Female Passanger…..So Kindly Request For Opening For Flight In Ahmedabad n Varodara…..Plz

  13. Since 16th March I have stuck in Ahmedabad. I want to return to Kolkata. My mother’s health is not so well. Please start domestic flights from Ahmedabad to Kolkata.. please.. asap

  14. Please start the flight feom bangalore. And mumbai as my both daughter are strcked in both the cities we live in delhi

  15. When trains can run which pose more risk as people using same toilet / door / passages with 50 to 60 people in a coach .then why can’t flight be started which is more safe , short time travel 2 to 3 hrs , passengers easily controllable being not too many. My old parents are at home alone I can’t reach there. Please start flights

  16. Sir my daughter is stuck in Delhi. She is a student. She has to come to Kolkata. Pls share the date of booking of flights from delhi to kolkata asap… pls help

  17. I am stucked here in Chennai for more than 6 months till now and my course is also over. I want to return to Kolkata. When is that starting?

  18. When would the flights from Ahmedabad to Chennai would resume, my husband and I are stuck in Ahmedabad from March! Waiting to go back home!

  19. Want to reach KOLKATA stucked in Chennai with children husband alone in KOLKATA past 54 resume domestic flights.
    staring only from green zones is not the solution for such a vast stranded crowd.

  20. I came to Kolkata for work and got stranded. I have to go to Pune and help the operation of the organization. Every time one hopes of resumption of air travel comes but the moment latter it is watered down. We need clarity .

  21. I was very eager to know when domestic flights resume, my wife stuck in ahmedabad and I want to bring her back to my home Coimbatore. I wish they start flights from this week…

  22. Myself and my wife were went to Port Blair,Andaman to attend the funeral function of our son-in-law(our daughter’ s husband death).After that suddenly the lockdown has been imposed and all flights were canceled.Now we are staying more than 75 days and become suffering mentally and physically due non availability flight to go back to Chennai.Andaman is a Island covered with sea and no other transport facility except flight and ship
    We are thinking in tension what can we doing.

  23. Yes I am too eagerly waiting to go back to Shimla where my wife is alone there ,from Hydrabad under treatment at Apollo cancer Hospital since September, October 2019 till 21 st April last date of treatment of2nd stage , being hottest this summer in Hydrabad, where as Shimla being Hill Queen City.
    Let pray as the city from flight take off Hydrabad comes in green zone and Chandigarh Airport also being in Distt of Punjab be also in green zone ,only then the Airline will operate the flight on Hydrabad Chandigarh sector.

  24. I have to go Banglore from Jodhpur as soon as possible.
    Because my husband is alnoe there.
    I am very tensed about for him for his food.

  25. I wish to reached Pune from guwahati at the earliest by flight because my wife and daughters are there.

  26. I had actually seen these flights and given the news of resuming flights, booked a flight for air India 16th may. Now air india website shows flight confirmed but no other information or confirmation

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