Aegean’s 100% bonus on bought miles lets you fly Star Alliance for less!

Aegean Airlines is Greece’s largest airline and one of the lesser known members of Star Alliance. Their frequent flyer program, Miles+Bonus allows you to earn and burn miles when you fly with any of the 28 Star Alliance members. A new Aegean bonus miles promotion lets you buy double the miles for the same price.

Aegean bonus miles

If you have credited any miles to your Miles+Bonus account in the past 12 months, you can buy up to 50,000 miles during this promotion. If not, your limit is set at 30,000 miles. Hurry though, this offer is valid for through 24 November 2018. So the maximum number of miles you get out of this promotion is 1,00,000 Miles+Bonus miles. These miles can be used for award redemptions or upgrades any time in the future.

Miles+Bonus miles are priced at € 25 for a block of 1000 miles. During this promotion, you get 2000 miles for the same amount. That brings down the price of a mile to € 0.0125 which approximately equal to INR 1.

On the redemptions front, you can redeem these miles on Aegean Airlines or any other Star Alliance carriers. You can check out their award chart here. A one-way business class redemption from Frankfurt to Delhi will cost you 45,000 miles. The same ticket is available for over 4,000 Euros if you pay by cash. 45,000 miles translate into EUR 567. So there is a lot to save. Keep in mind that taxes and surcharges are extra.

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Aegean Airlines’ bonus miles on purchase offer is a good chance to pick up some miles if you have a premium cabin Star Alliance award flight in mind. But at the same time, there are slightly better deals out there. Avianca’s LifeMiles is offering a 145% bonus on miles purchases which translates into less than a rupee a mile. Not to mention, the 200K purchase limit which gets you 490K miles. If I had to pick one promotion, the Avianca LifeMiles one is a clear winner.

Have you purchased or redeemed Aegean Miles+Bonus miles before? How was your experience?


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