10x points are back on HDFC Diners Club Cards

One of my favourite use for the Diners Club cards is their 10x categories. A few months ago, they discontinued all 10x categories. In preparation for the upcoming holiday and festive season, however, they are back with an arsenal of 10x vendors which you could use to buy stuff from and get 10 times your usual points.


This list clearly includes all the big names in travel and e-commerce, and then some offline partners too:

  • e-com: Flipkart & Snapdeal
  • Travel: IRCTC, Cleartrip, GoIbibo, Yatra
  • Shopping: Reliance Digital, Lifestyle

I surely do love the fact that on the Black Card, with these merchants, I can earn 50 points for every INR 150 spent.

The 10x Rewards are valid from 14 September, 2015 to March 31, 2016. For use on IRCTC website, you need to select the HDFC Bank payment gateway. No EMI transactions qualify. For online transactions, the points will post within 7 days and for offline transactions, it will take upto 60 days to post.

I think this is an awesome offer. However, sometimes I still don’t use it. For instance, I was going to book some tickets on an international carrier, and I found the perfect flights to only line up on the Yatra website, apart from the airline’s website. In this case, the pricing for the tickets was about INR 15,000 extra for two tickets, since they were perhaps looking at different fare classes, and I eventually decided to directly book with the airline.

I hope you’d be able to make some good use of these new offers from HDFC Bank Diners Club cards.

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  1. Dear friends,
    Out of the all the travel site like Goibibo, Makemytrip , cleartrip, Ezeego , Yatra etc, etc., which gives the best rates in domestic market.

  2. Hi Ajay,
    With AirIndia dropping the devaluation bomb on the SBI card, I’ve started looking elsewhere. While I’d heard about the Diner’s Black, I wasn’t aware of the 10x rewards. It seems this offer is valid only till March 31, 2016. So I was wondering if there’s a possibility of HDFC bringing back this offer temporarily in the future. Have they done something similar with any of their other cards in the past?


  3. Hi Ajay, have been following your posts for quite some time. I have gone through all the comments on this post so it sounds stupid to ask but for my Diners Club Rewardz card, it says I get double the points on incremental spends over 10,000. Does this mean that I can spend over 10,000 and possibly earn 3x2x10 = 60 points per 150 spent?

    Thanks in advance!

    • @sameer: Typically, you can only avail of 1 promo at a time. So if you get the 10x, you wont get the double points bonus.

  4. I have finally used the Diners Black on 3 websites listed in the 10x category. I have received 10 points per 150 and not 50 as stated in the argument above.
    HDFC Bank customer support still does not know anything about this and they insist that what I have received is right. No one in HDFC knows anything about this.
    Ajay, please check your card statements and clarify if you have actually received 50 or not. By 10x they mean 10 points not really 10 ‘x’. As per my calculation in one of the posts above, you actually end up getting 33.3% back (on 10x) which is really unbelievable and in my opinion (with my experience with high end cards) its impossible.
    By 2x they mean double. Both 10x and 2x give you the same points, except that 10x is outside partners for a short while. 2 x is permanent on their own website.
    All Diners Black holders please refer to your statements and check to see if this is true or not.

    • Ashitosh, Though I have still not received my first invoice but confirmed with the call center that I have earned 1,40,078 unbilled points till now.
      On calculating I have noticed that I am getting 50 points on all cleartrip & yatra transections. Also I got 10 points on my dining. These points are each on 150/- spend. It takes additional 3 days for bonus points to appear. Wait for some time & check again. @ajay thanks for this lovely card.

  5. @ Ajay
    I just called HDFC Bank and as usual the customer service knew nothing about it. I clarified whether it was supposed to be 10 reward points or 10 times (50) the reward points.
    Apparently the customer service executive, said that it is going to be 10 reward points and not 50 (10 times). This means a return of 6.6 % instead of the 33.3%.
    again, in case you have spent any monies on any of their partners, can you please elaborate and clarify my doubts whether you have actually received 10x or just 10. I plan to make a large vacation booking for December this week. 4 people x 2 rooms x x 7 nights x 5 stars hotels. I’d rather put the whole thing on cleartrip or yatra and enjoy my forthcoming vacation.

  6. 10x rewards means on the Diners Black card you get 50 reward points for every Rs. 150 spent. This means almost 33.3% back as 1 reward point on the Diners Black is Re. 1 in value provided you redeem it on the hdfcbankdinersclub.in website.
    Assuming I book a economy return ticket (on yatra.com) to Hong Kong worth Rs. 33000, you mean I shall be getting back almost Rs. 11,000 in value in the form of points. These points can be redeemed against another flight in the future. Perhaps I could get a Delhi-Mumbai return free.
    This sounds a little unbelievable. It could be true but its still a bit unbelievable. This would put travel agents out of business. Ajay can you please comment on this.

      • @ Ajay
        At time I would beg to differ on this. You do not always magnify value on loyalty programs. Lets take a hypothetical case where I have about 35000 points on my Diners Black. That would get me a return ticket to Mum-HK (economy) without paying anything whatsoever when I book through their own website.
        Transfering these points to say Jet Airways will get me 35000 jet miles (1:1), which are only sufficient for a one way + negligible taxes. I still end up paying for the return.
        Either I am going wrong somewhere in my calculation or perhaps you present another case.

  7. Never liked HDFC. Agree with your combinations on Yatra. They come up with the best flight combinations that I hardly find on any other website!

  8. Hi
    Great post. Can u throw some light on the list of 15 airlines? Can’t seem to find on the site and is it 1 to 1 point to mile, all I could find was for the black air india n jet are 1to1, no info on the rest.

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