Yet another Air India 30 day sale till 6th Feb 2014

I might just decide to rename this blog to the deals site or something, with the number for fare sales that are out there these days, however, I’ll just try and keep up with the barrage flowing through.

This morning, I noticed, Air India has brought out their recently running +30 days sale again, where the period of sale is between 4th February 2014 and 6th February 2014. Period of Travel is 3rd March 2014 onwards. Here are the details.


While the details look sketchy here, when I pulled up some sample fares, it looked like it is a rehash of the recent 30% off sales. But the good news is, you do have some more days to book up tickets in March. And from the looks of it, Air India is the only airline right now offering these fares, even on Online Travel Agents such as Expedia and Yatra.

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  1. AIR INDIA fare sheet PDF mentions DELHI KULU sector sale fare. But actually I did not get that either in April or May or Even December 2014. In fact it’s Rs 9000 one way in December as against Rs.1069 Basic plus Rs 925 Surcharge

  2. No way! Air India needs quick cash both to operate and (Ho-Hum -again?) pay for their new 787s, one at a time. IMO, no one is his/her right mind would purchase an advance sale ticket from this airline. When the price is ‘almost too good to believe,’ there is a reason. What are the odds that Air India will fold – or suspend operations a day or two before you plan to fly? Or worse, half way through your trip? Fifty-fifty is not good enough for me. Buyer beware!

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