Winner of United Club day passes

A few days ago, I had held a small contest to give away some United Club passes. Ever since the closure date, I’ve been on the road mostly, so I did not get an opportunity to post the results. We got a total of 49 entries, and I chose the tip which got the most bang for the buck in this case:

Luke US made me learn of something I never thought of before:

Print a copy of your itinerary and put it in your bag: if it gets lost, it could turn out useful!

The second best advice for me came from Mo:

Best travel tip: Bose QC 25. A little expensive, but one flight with a crying baby and you’ll be glad to pay double.

Now I only have one set of vouchers, so I’ll send them over to Luke US, provided he send me his address on email at ajay @ livefromalounge dot com today. Else, Mo is on the waitlist too!

If you want to read up all the awesome travel tips, you can head over to the post here.

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