Winner: Spot the Mistake Contest!

A few days back I’d put out a small contest, asking all of you to identify various airline logo mistakes with a kiosk placed outside Mumbai CSI Airport Terminal 2.

a screen with a group of logos

Now, I received a whole lot of replies, but here are the ones I was looking for. Most of you got 2 right, but not the third one:

a) Continental Airlines merged with United, and operates under the United name now, the board still stated Continental

b) Qantas no longer flies from Mumbai

c) Kingfisher is there and is stated as a oneworld member.

Now, this picture was clicked before Kingfisher’s license to fly was suspended, so the real catch there I was looking for was that it was a oneworld member as per the Mumbai Airport management.

But, a giveaway is a giveaway, and somebody should win. So, I’m giving away the Rs. 500 Gift Card to the reader who came up with the most number of identified mistakes on the board. That is Mahesh Murthy.

I found 11 mistakes with the board:

1. Air France logo is wrong. It’s the old one. The new logo is different

2. Qantas doesn’t fly from Bombay any more.

3. Turkish Airlines logo is old (red-on-white). The new one is white-on-red.

4. Kenya Airlines logo is cut off- doesn’t have the swirly K symbol

5. Air Arabia logo is old- new one is white on red and has no symbol.

6. Malaysia Airlines logo is wrong – it should be red-and-blue pointing right – this is red-and-grey pointing left.

7. Royal Jordanian logo is wrong.

8. Continental is no called United

9. Iran Air logo has bird pointing the wrong way – it should point to the right – not the left as shown.

10. Saudi Arabian Airlines is now called “Saudia” with a different logo etc.

11. Swiss logo is wrong.

Congrats Mahesh. Drop me a line at aj(at)livefromalounge(dot)com with your address, and I will send your little package along!

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