Here is a shot at winning 100K JPMiles

JetPrivilege is running an interesting promotion in the days ahead to capitalise on the Diwali shopping that is coming around. They launched a shopping portal a while ago, where they offer miles for all your purchases that are routed via JetPrivilege. Last year, they launched with one partner in Flipkart, however, now they have tonnes of partners, including:

Now, JetPrivilege, to encourage people to shop with them, is running a promotion where they are offering shoppers the opportunity to win 100,000 JPMiles for being the highest shopper during the period September 20, 2017, through October 20, 2017.

Not just that, ten highest shoppers every day get 500 bonus JPMiles as well.

Not bad if you are going to shop online anyways, to be in the fray for the 100K points!

Are you going to try your luck being the big winner of JPMiles?


  1. Ajay, thanks for a wonderful blog. Great work.

    On this promotion, are you or anyone aware of this clause “Credit of Bonus JPMiles shall take effect only subsequent to the credit of Base JPMiles earned in accordance with the Online Affiliate Policy available at” Can you throw some light on the same and how it works? Is there any catch here?

  2. It’s “upto” 14 miles for Amazon spends, but the truth is most are 1 or 2 miles per Rs 100, with very few items at the 14 mile mark. And the best part is, JP customer care has no idea which items qualify for that. The very nice lady told me I was the first person to ask this, and would I please email them with this since she didn’t know.

  3. I have shopped a few times through JetPrivilege on their partner sites Bigbasket, Flipkart & Amazon. However, I have on all occasions except one, not received extra JP miles (shows under Pending Activities in Activity Details). Seems something is missing at their end to identify a valid purchase routing through their website.

    Anyone else faced same problem?

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