When Air India lies to you…

I’ve been a little annoyed with Air India over the past few days. Here is a post I wrote yesterday about how Air India employees don’t consistently implement benefits they are supposed to offer to their elites, including lounge access.

This morning, they’ve gone public with an Air India Day sale, where they are claiming to offer INR 100 + taxes tickets. The PR machinery has been in an overdrive, and the website has been down since last night because everyone wants in on these fares. Here is their claim, which conveniently skips the fact that fuel surcharges are not a part of the INR 100.

What takes the cake for me is an email I received from them last week. They told me they had tried to deliver my Air India Gold Membership kit, and due to my contact details not being correct, it went back to them. I should revisit my contact details and intimate them about this. Not just that, they are like the police, so they also want address proof to be able to verify that I live there.


I checked my Air India account, and everything was just like it was supposed to be. I wrote back to Air India, asking them why was my membership kit not delivered in spite of the correct address. They came back to me saying the kit was already attempted delivery once. On further pushing them, they said they will attempt another delivery this week. The stuff landed on my desk yesterday, which also nailed their lie that it was attempted for delivery before. The upgrade vouchers, which are a part of the kit, were only issued on 23 August 2014, and the email I reproduced above was from 20 August 2014.


Hey Air India, so many lies in one go… what’s the matter?

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  1. Another lie from them. Their Rs 100 sale which was supposed to extend til 31st August is now over.
    So arbitrary.

  2. I am a bit disappointed to see that your blog has lately been transformed into a forum to vent out your frustrations with Air-India. Working with Air India has its challenges and its a fact, but the quality of posts have taken a big drop and has been transformed more into a complaint board….

  3. I faced the similar situation where-in they said that my kit has already been delivered long back. When I asked for proof of delivery, I was issued a fresh kit after lots of follow-ups.

  4. I received similar email few days before receiving my membership kit. I did nothing, the kit arrived on its own. I guess the system wanted to send “we are delivering your kit in few days…” email but instead sends this email due to technical coding bug!

  5. Hey I got the same email saying address incorrect even though it’s correct.
    Who did you write to in air india to have the kit redelivered?

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