Weekly Roundup : March 6, 2016

Hello from Mumbai guys, where I have been flitting around town getting a lot of office work done over the past few days. I think I’ve been living in hotel lobbies for the past half a week. Here is a quick round up of the week gone by so far.

Loyalty Program News

Air India is messed up in its struggle to get all the fake accounts cleaned up. In the process, it is giving extensions to your miles to ensure you are not at a disadvantage if you are a genuine member.

Aviation News

Jet Airways is going to be flying to Amsterdam. Vistara is going in for a reconfiguration, adding more seats to their economy section. Jet Airways will move operations from the Mumbai Terminal 2 in the coming few days. These are some of the things coming up in the days ahead.


I dropped the ball on cancelling a free ticket for two on Etihad on the inaugural flight of the A380 to Mumbai. And I guess I am not sad about it anymore!

There is a lot more happening in the miles and points world and we sure hope to bring it to you in the coming days! Here is hoping you will have a good week ahead!

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