We are 5! But you are f9!

Exactly 5 years ago, I posted my firstΒ Hello World kind of post on this blog.Β 

Given my attention span of 0.38 seconds which has been scientifically calculated by flying to the moon and back, I’d assumed this was another one of those things I’d taken on which wouldn’t interest me much in the long run and be long gone. And here we are, growing old, everyday. We’re 5!

The Airbus A350 Formation 5!

The Airbus A350 Formation 5!

Circa 2011, it was a passion for flying and a hobby, it still is. I still get excited as I close in on an airport to board another flight. So, I feel glad when I share the passion with all of you, help some of you plan your special trips, and meet some new astonishing people along the way (including my wife, who I met on a plane!).

All I have to say is, I’m humbled with the way all of you have come back ever so often to read all the stuff we write. We’re not perfect, but we do try and get better everyday! So THANK YOU for being the fine folks who bring the best out in us!

To celebrate the occasion with all of you, we’ve lined up some fabulous prizes for all of you, and we’ll be kicking off those contests to give away the prizes over the weekend!

Always Learning, Still here! Very Thankful!

PS: Thank you Airbus for the formation 5 picture!


  1. Lucky you: ‘and meet some new astonishing people along the way (including my wife, who I met on a plane!)’. Indeed.
    A similar question was asked to Rajiv Gandhi- the only good thing you did during your foreign studies was meeting Sonia and he replied: undoubtedly.
    i am an early reader of your blog, which i found during my google search for a co branded card of ICICI and Jet may be some time in 2012 and it makes an interesting reading since then. i wish you and Shipra all the best,Keep it up.

  2. Hello Ajay,
    Congratulations on five years of publishing. We are indeed interested to read and are benefited by the content. Keep going all the way.

    All the best for future endeavours. to both of you.

    Shirish Tambe

  3. Congratulations! Yours posts are much appreciated. I always look forward to your yearly credit card mileage updates!

  4. Awesome! It’s through this website that I started learning the Points and miles nitty gritties in India. And since then have earned a few Jet Airways award flights and managed earn some hotel points (though yet to use them for any free nights). Thanks and keep it up!!!

  5. A Great blog made even better with Shipra joining you in life and ofcourse in this blog.God bless you both and do keep up this good work.

  6. Congrats Ajay! Been following this blog for a while now, and one of the things I haven’t gotten bored of πŸ™‚ Keep it up!

  7. Great Going A_A – Love your & Shipra’s articulate articles…keep writing! And thanks for all your heads-up and updates!!

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