Watch: Jet Airways 77W intercepted by German Air Force Planes

Update: Jet Airways issued a statement

VT-JEX, one of the Boeing 777-300ER planes of Jet Airways, had a loss of communications over the German airspace near Cologne earlier this week while operating as 9W 118 from Mumbai to London. This lead to the German Air Force scrambling two Eurofighter Typhoon jets. It is usual protocol to scramble jets to check in on the cockpit in case someone stops responding to the radio, to be able to visually communicate with the aircraft pilots and in case something is wrong in the plane, take further steps according to instructions from the ground.

A British Airways plane, operating on BA 2042, was trailing this flight and the pilot managed to capture the footage on his mobile camera. Someone even managed to click the entire chase from the ground.

The first video posted shows the planes catch up with 9W118, and second one shows them disengaging and flying away. It’s good to watch them in succession with audio on! The pilots on the British Airways plane are chatting in a very calm manner as they see this unfold in front of them, and that itself indicates that this is not an out of the ordinary situation.

The second part of the video has a lot of chatter and eventually the fighter jets go away and it ends with a view of the cockpit.


I’m glad everything worked out eventually and the airplane landed safely in London.

Update: While the original videos are gone, lots of people have downloaded them and put them out as their own. Just look for Jet Airways German Airforce on YouTube and you should get the videos.

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    • Yep, its most likely removed or taken down due to anything it may of contained that isn’t YouTube viewer safe. I.e., Violence, copyright. Or it could’ve been the wrong link, and that link wasn’t existable.

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