Vistara to add new routes out of Mumbai

Jet Airways suspending operations created a big void in the Indian aviation market. On the domestic front, Ministry of Civil Aviation has temporarily distributed some of Jet Airways flights to other carriers, and they have quickly launched a slew of new temporary flights especially out of Mumbai and Delhi.

According to CNBC, around 479 slots of a total 766 slots held by Jet Airways has been distributed temporarily. Till now, flights have been added using only 40% of the redistributed slots.

AirlineSlots Allocated Notes
SpiceJet13068 at Mumbai
IndiGo12738 at Delhi
Vistara11048 at Mumbai
AirAsia India42
Air India24
Alliance Air2

As you can see Vistara got 48 slots at Mumbai, i.e., they can add 24 route pairs. Vistara added eight route pairs touching Mumbai temporarily, so they have enough slots to add 16 more route pairs. But to add new flights they need additional aircraft as per a new regulation set by Ministry of Civil Aviation while allocating Jet Airways slots temporarily.

Vistara is adding four ex-Jet Airways 737s, with two of them already inducted, VT-TGA/B. Besides, Vistara is adding an all-economy A320neo, VT-TNN. The A320neo is an ex-WOW Air aircraft, TF-NEO. So which routes are Vistara planning to add out of Mumbai?

vistara new flights

VT-TGB, ex-Jet Airways 737 now flying for Vistara

The newest issue of Vistara’s inflight magazine holds clues for the new destinations that you should see in June 2019, coming from Vistara’s induction of 5 aircraft.

As you can see, Vistara has mentioned the following new route pairs in the June issue of its in-flight magazine,

  • Mumbai – Chennai
  • Mumbai – Chandigarh
  • Mumbai – Varanasi

On the other hand, Vistara isn’t accepting bookings for two temporary flights which it launched in April 2019, probably to deploy those aircraft on different routes.

  • Mumbai – Kolkata from June 7, 2019
  • Hyderabad – Pune from June 10, 2019

With five new aircraft, Vistara can add around 15-20 new route pairs depending on aircraft utilisation and routes. Say for example a Mumbai-Chennai-Mumbai-Chandigarh-Mumbai-Chennai-Mumbai will require one aircraft. While both Mumbai-Varanasi and Mumbai-Chandigarh have around 5x daily flights one-way on other carriers, Mumbai-Chennai has around 18x daily flights on other carriers.

Suffice to say, apart from the new routes, Vistara will add new frequencies on existing routes, probably on those routes where Vistara doesn’t offer a day return flight like Hyderabad.

Which routes according to you will see a frequency addition by Vistara in the coming days apart from these ones?

(HT: Vinamra Longani)


  1. There is no meat left to the bones of Jet Airways. Dont see them ever coming back as their routes keep getting farmed out

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