Vistara tying up with Axis Bank for co-branded credit card

Vistara, the airline with India’s first revenue-based accrual loyalty program, Club Vistara, has just announced that they are going to partner with Axis Bank for their co-branded credit card. The Club Vistara program, which was announced last year when the airline revealed their product, has a lot of catching up to do, since it is not a great program to earn, and an even worse program to burn. And they haven’t delivered on some of their original promises like family pooling of miles.

Anyhow, they have announced that the product would be out in the market early next year. I am assuming the airline should have straightened up its act by then of how they are able to accrue points to customers, since I frequently find troubles with that end of their program.

As per Vistara & Axis, the card will have variants, with a base-level card for occassional travellers and a super-premium card for frequent flyers, just like Jet Airways’ and Air India have at the moment. Of course, there will be privileges attached similar to Economy & Gold at both these cards, and perhaps there will be a third card in the middle which will be for the mid-market where people don’t want to pay too much money to get privileges.

Of course, as we wait for more information on this card, I am only hoping the airline will be aligned to offer the benefits by the time the card is good to launch, such as their up-coming lounge.

In the meanwhile, if you are an HDFC Bank super-premium card holder, you could already get privileged treatment with the airline with free Vistara Gold status.

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  1. Hey guys,

    nice website.

    i wanted your views on which co branded card is best for accumulating miles in india based airlines. i have enough miles for air india and i am looking for miles in other carriers in indian market. i think my annual spend would be 3-5 lacs.


  2. Don’t forget that Air India was started by Tatas before govt nationalized it. So Tatas pioneered the flying business in India.

    • I have absolutely no doubt about TATAs past glory and the present day charity…i have made it abundantly clear in the post itself…But that doesnt absolve TATAs from roping in the lobbyist Nira Radia or this Vistara issue! right??

  3. I do not have much first hand information about the policy that you are referring to; but even if we take your information at face value, then I believe Tata Sons do have an airline operating license in India before Vistara was established. Tata have been flying private charters under the name of Taj Air since ages.

    • I actually found out the answer on google that day after I posted the question..I lost the link, it was DNA or Economic times I dont remember had the news about it. UPA’s policy had strict rule that only existing indian operators with valid flying license can collaborate with foreign airlines…TATAs didnt have a commercial flying license…then (obviously) under the pressure and behind the scenes drama some policy rules got changed…and after 9 months of delay, tatas finally got the flying license…TATA Vistara was ready to fly and was put on hold for 9 months by the UPA…Ratan (Tata had previously in some function had said, one undisclosed minister had demanded 5Cr to get the license quickly, but he didnt gave 5Cr as bribe because of principles he value in life!). Vistara was of course a clandestine matter…nobody is willing to speak about it openly how rules got changed! but anyway, in businesses its a routine thing…I was feeling sad TATAs had to go this way !

  4. Hii I have a question, may be the aviation experts here would help.

    When Indian Govt announced it will allow joint ventures with foreign airlines one important condition was that the airliners in India must have an operating (flying) base in India at the time of applying for JV with foreign airliners which Tata was obviously not, as tata airlines didnt exist then. TATAs were not in flying business.

    then how come tata could make a joint venture with Singapore airlines to give birth to Vistara??

    This question always bugs me.

    If anybody has right information to satisfy my query please answer!

    I apologize if my question is wrong due to inadequate information / misinformation. TATA is the most trusted brand in India and charity wise its the biggest in India, I have no intention to defame them and have an utmost respect in them.

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