[Video]: Air India pilot raps about the bad situation at the airline

Most of the videos I post here are humorous, but this one is trying to get across a message. An Air India pilot,  trained to fly the 787 but mostly on the ground, made this rap video and posted it on YouTube about the situation at the airline and what he has to go through. Worth a watch!

Your views, guys? My heart goes out for this guy!

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  1. Sorry AJ, despite many pilot friends in Air India, their situation is not as you are making it out to be.

    There were plenty of job opportunities with other A320 operators and Boeing 777 operators, but the AI pilots chose to ignore them. Why? As one pilot friend confided in me “Those guys want me to work twice the hours for half the pay” Why?!?!?!

    Added to this, the antics of both the ICPA and IAG, have removed any sympathy the average tax-payer has for any Air India staffer.

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