UK to lift #Electronicsban:Turkish & Royal Jordan off the list

In March this year, the US put out an unprecedented ban on carrying laptops in the cabin, citing security threats. This was a ban with no closure date, so I had to also check in my laptop one fine day going to the USA, travelling on Etihad. The UK followed with its own ban as well, which was on slightly different countries as compared to the USA.

In the past months, we have seen the US ban rolled back. Etihad, Emirates & Turkish Airlines, Qatar AirwaysRoyal Jordanian & Kuwait Airways crawled out quickly, followed by the rest of the carriers as well. However, we did not hear much about the UK travel ban, until recently.

Now, first off the bat, Royal Jordanian has confirmed the electronics ban has been lifted on carrying laptops and tablets in the cabin of their airplanes to London.

Turkish Airlines have also confirmed that you can carry your laptops and tablets in the cabin again.

As per the UK Government, the Ban will be lifted on a case-by-case basis. Here is the page to follow for those announcements.

We’ll stay on top of this and make sure you know when can you bring your electronics on the flight to the UK as well.

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