We watched U2 perform in Dublin!!!

If any of you have been keeping track of our summer travels on social media, Shipra and I have been on the road yet again for a slightly long trip. Past few years, our travels have been during the winters, given it is easy to take time off for the both of us.

However, our idea of travelling this time started to take shape from the U2 concert on their first big album, The Joshua Tree. U2 was one for the bucket list for a long time, and this was one album which I’m sure a  lot of 70s or 80s children grew up on. When they announced the tour, I went frantic trying to book tickets. And while U2 were going around with this album, all over North America and Europe included, I had only one place in my mind where I wanted to go see them, their hometown of Dublin.

Learning from the booking mistakes during the Coldplay concert,  I was trying my best to be ahead of the problem this time around. So I aimed for the pre-booking window and paid extra to be a member of the U2 website. After maybe a long amount of fresh and refresh on the website and being offered many a options such as seating and so on, I eventually got front pitch seats for the both of us. Good call, I’d say given tickets sold out in six minutes flat!

So for days and months Shipra and I talked about this, given we had a lot of long haul travel that happened in the midst. In the end, we pulled the trigger on going for it, because this was one of those things which you do not say no to.

We arrived in Dublin last weekend and checked into the InterContinental Dublin for the weekend. U2 were already there…

It was sweet to be in a suite around here, given we were booked into just a standard room. On Saturday, all roads led to Croke Park, the stadium where U2 were going to perform a rerun of The Joshua Tree. It was exciting to be a part of 80,000 other people who shared your love for the band.

We arrived early, to be able to listen in to the opening act of Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds. As the co-vocals on Oasis earlier, he had some old hits up his sleeve as well. Like Wonderwall

Noel Gallagher High Flying Birds at Dublin Croke Part

Noel Gallagher High Flying Birds at Dublin Croke Part

At 8:30 p.m., in broad daylight, The boys from North of Dublin started with Sunday Bloody Sunday…Followed it up with the entire The Joshua Tree album cover to cover.

U2 on stage at Croke Park under The Joshua Tree

U2 on stage at Croke Park under The Joshua Tree

And yeah, there was a flypast on The Streets Have No Name, since this was Home after all. The Irish Air Corps at your service, Bono, Edge, Adam & Larry.

Flypast at U2 Croke Park

Flypast at U2 Croke Park

The performance included the original Joshua Tree setup, along with the world’s biggest 4K screen setup at 200 feet width.

The warmth of the Irish people and the global revellers did not fade away for hours after the show was over. This one was special. It was the biggest gig I’d ever been to, and I wasn’t one of those who bootlegged tickets for 10000 Euros to be there. Instead, I paid in points and miles for all my commute to arrive in Ireland as well 😉

Hey Bono, let me know if you’d need a free flight sometime? Eh…

What has been your best concert, ever?

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