Turkey E-Visa at Istanbul Airport being discontinued

For the longest time, Turkey provided visa on arrival (they called it E-Visa) when you would arrive at their International airports. You needed to walk up to an E-Visa Kiosk and get a visa. However, the Turkey E Visa at Airport (Istanbul) is going to change going forward.

Turkey is going to discontinue the E-Visa kiosks at the airports in Istanbul with effect from October 28, 2018, as per a notification placed on the Turkish Embassy Website in New Delhi.

Turkey E Visa at Airport discontinued

This means, here on, you need to apply for the e-visa and get a printout of it before you arrive at the airport. Citizens of over 100 countries (including India, Bhutan, Maldives & Nepal) are eligible for the e-visa, and you can apply at https://www.evisa.gov.tr. Turkey will most probably move to the new airport in Istanbul around the same time, so this change should be in sync with the transfer to the new airport.

The Embassy informs that the e-Visa is equivalent to the sticker visa, and the process would be completed in 3 minutes flat. Also, the e-visa costs 45$ lesser than the sticker visa. The e-visa works only when the purpose of travel is tourism or commerce. For other uses, such as work and study, a visa is issued by Turkish Embassies or Consulates.

There are many ways to pay for the Turkish Visa, and you get it pretty quick.

Has anyone used the new system for e-Visa for Turkey? How does it work for you as compared to the Turkey E Visa at Airport?

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  1. “For the longest time, Turkey provided visa on arrival (they called it E-Visa) when you would arrive at their International airports.”

    Nope they didn’t call it an evisa. That’s what you get if you apply online via evisa.gov.tr and that is not being discontinued in any form or fashion.

    The visa you refer to was called, imaginatively, “visa on arrival”. 🙂

  2. E-Visa is a seamless process and recommended. Also if you have a longer layover (on Turkish Airlines connections) in Istanbul 12+ Hours then you are eligible for a Free night stay. You can also either opt for a Free City Tour on a choice of a longer layover. For the Hotel Night stay there should not be a shorter layover (12+ hours) available on Turkish Airlines. Tried this in March.

  3. Officially “Istanbul New Airport” opens October 29… But in reality flights start in and out of the new airport on January 1. In face Turkish Airlines is even delaying debut of new uniforms until new Jan date! Just flew out of Istanbul yesterday.

  4. We passed thru Istanbul last week. Prior to boarding our United flight from the US, we were asked to show proof of our e-visa. I’m glad that I completed it and had the printouts prior to travel.

  5. do you know if the visa gets attached to your passport number somehow? i purchase one online and went to IST gave it to the immigration officer and she just gave it back to me. She didn’t even look at it.

  6. I’ve done the online E-visa there and it was easy and overpriced. I can’t imagine doing it at the Kiosk on arrival but that’s me. I’m sure a lot of folks did so it makes sense to stop doing it of course.

  7. Was this change related to the Saudi government misusing diplomatic status to detain, torture and suspected of ultimately murdering the cousin of Adnan Kashoggi, a Saudi journalist-turned-late-critic names Jamal Kashoggi, inside the Saudi consulate?

  8. Passed through IST in September and had an overnight connection so had to purchase two Visas. Easy online but incredibly expensive! Esp just for an overnight connection!
    $60US or $84CDN each!
    I like TR but this is ridiculous and I will fly a different route next time.

  9. I applied for it last week, got it in 1 minute from the time I made the payment, super quick, no hassle. Having a US or Schengen Visa was a pre requisite though…

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