Air India passengers are now eligible for TSA Pre-Check

Travelling to and from the USA is becoming more convenient. Indians have been eligible for Global Entry since 2017 and now Air India has joined the growing list of airlines eligible for TSA Pre-Check. Air India is the only Indian airline and one of the only two carriers to operate non-stop scheduled flights between India and the USA.

TSA India

Air India USA route network

Air India operates 9x weekly Delhi-San Francisco, daily Mumbai-Newark, daily Delhi-Chicago, daily Delhi-New York JFK, 3x weekly Delhi-Washington and 3x weekly Mumbai-New York JFK service. United, on the other hand, operates daily Mumbai-Newark and Delhi-Newark services. United will also launch daily Delhi-San Francisco service from December 5, 2019.

What is TSA Pre-Check?

TSA Pre-Check provides expedited security check. With yesterday’s addition of nine more airlines, passengers travelling on sixty-five airlines can use TSA Pre-Check facility.

TSA India

Airlines eligible for TSA Pre-Check

As a part of this,

  • You keep your shoes on
  • Your bag of liquids stays in your bag
  • Your laptop and other large electronics stay in your bag
  • You do not have to remove your belt
TSA India

TSA Pre-Check

Only US citizens are eligible for TSA Pre-Check. You can get TSA Pre-Check for a fee of USD 85 for five years. You can sign up for it here. However, many people get it for free with Global Entry. Alternatively, you can get it for free or use reward points from the following credit cards and/or loyalty programs.

Will you be taking advantage of TSA Pre-Check on your next Air India flight from the US?


  1. TSA pre check in Air India ? No
    I have a booking from US to India by Air India. I asked customer care where do I enter the TSA precheck number. And she had no clue what TSA is. I Could enter teh number in in United AIrlines website but in Air India ! NO
    So it is just in theory

  2. TSA precheck is not available in india. Is this true?

    Last time I flew on united from mumbai to newark the gate agent said TSA precheck was not applicable in india.

    I find a lot of indian gate agents suffer from american mentality: a mixture of ignorance and arrogance. So can never be sure if they really know what they are talking about.

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