Travel is not the cohort of the rich

While my government (of India!) continues to look at air travel as a cohort of the rich, due to which they are keeping aviation turbine fuel so highly taxed for years, I recently happened to notice a great inspiring story on the Internet about a Tea Vendor, who has been saving diligently to fulfil his travel ambitions…

As per NewsMinute, which originally carried the story, a gentleman called Vijayan, based in Cochin, has been a Tea vendor for over 40 years, and he has been saving diligently an amount of INR 300 ($5) everyday for his travels.

Not only has he been able to travel around India, which I believe is full of scenic places to go, he has been able to visit over 16 countries around the world as well. And these aren’t the countries with cheap tourism costs such as Thailand, but rather the Western World including Britain, France, Austria and Switzerland. Not alone, but with his partner no less.

You can read the whole story here.

They do have the USA on their wishlist, and I’m seriously rooting for them to make it there. They don’t spend lavishly, but they do go places. After all, like the motto of my blog is, The Journey is the reward. I doff my hat to these folks, for the courage they show.

The story puts travel in perspective. It isn’t just about the premium cabins and the great hotels. It is always about the experience and the people.

Of course, if you are disciplined with earning your miles and points, you can travel around the world as well! It is just another approach to travel, which I like and I’m incredibly lucky to share my thoughts with all of you day after day.

Safe travels and frequent travels to all of you!

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  1. And i echo the same words….”It isn’t just about the premium cabins and the great hotels. It is always about the experience and the people”

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