Tough luck getting Delhi ADF refunds: Air India, Jet Airways & Indigo are a no go

Like I mentioned about two weeks back, flyers from Delhi are supposed to get a refund for their domestic or international flights, booked before January 1, 2013 and flying after. I did not get quite the enthusiastic response which I was not expecting anyways. Here is how various airlines and travel agents responded:

Indigo, booked via (enquiry for 3 PNRs)


Air India, booked via (3rd Attempt)


Jet Airways, booked directly


Like you can see, the airlines and the Online Travel Agents are passing the buck to each other and no one is either clear on this, or does not want to take on the responsibility. The total impact of all these tickets I am chasing up is Rs. 500 or so, but I feel airlines and travel agencies should have been responsive and responsible rather than the customer being proactive here.

Apparently, there is a process in place, which is very cumbersome and designed to put off the intention to apply for and get any such refunds. The government is planning to intervene that things are put in order here.

Excuses Excuses. One can book a ticket online, pay for it online, get it issued without any manual intervention as per some airline executives, but you cannot follow the same trail in reverse and put the money back on my credit card/bank account?

Anyone got any success? I haven’t. But I am determined to get to the bottom of this!

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  1. I’ve always had trouble with getting money out of Indian carriers.
    Unless they see a risk of some punitive action by courts, I don’t think they will do anything.
    Worst case, they know that no one will sue them, even if someone does, for all practical purposes it won’t lead to anything.

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