This JetPrivilege upgrade is so cool!

JetPrivilege, the frequent flyer program for Jet Airways, has been in upgrade mode over the past 6 months. They did a few awesome (couple not so awesome) things over the months:

but my favourite one is where they made it easier to become or retain an elite tier by offering higher tier points on more expensive tickets.

Now, lets come to the point. This new earning of tier points was not something I have still internalised. So, when I put my fiancée Shipra on her last flight over the weekend, I was still counting the number of tier points she needed to earn for her next tier upgrade all wrong.

With a little bit of smart planning from our side and some nice business class fares, Shipra went to silver in no time. And is now on the cusp of gold status on Jet, just because the fare code she booked into earns more than 1 tier point per sector.

The benefits of course, are great, since gold would get her lounge access and priority bag tagging on her own, and we will finally be able to select seats ahead of time. Of course, there are 3 more upgrade vouchers to be had as well.

This is a sweet upgrade to the program. Any one of you hitting your elite tier goals faster due to the new benefits?

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  1. Hi Ajay,

    Can you elaborate on the policy 9W has regarding lounge access for a JP Gold member?
    e.g. If I were a JP Gold and travelling in coach from say HYD, then do I go to check-in, show my membership card and ask for a lounge voucher? Will 9W put me in a lounge that they use for business pax?

    • @deo gold members have lounge access for themselves when traveling business or economy. They will get you lounge access either via the scan of the boarding pass or a lounge invitation. Which lounge they send you to is their dispensation.

  2. Hi Ajay,

    Could you settle this riddle for me – Do I get to convert or use my Etihad trip log undertaken in Sep’2014 to my JetMiles in any way?

    Or is there a Etihad Airways partnership program to make use of my trip miles (huge no.) to JetMiles?

    • @venus you can’t convert miles from one program to another. Etihad miles can however be used for booking JetPrivilege tickets and that is something I have explained on this blog before!

  3. These set of initiatives makes it much easy to get a tier upgrade and also retain tier status.Once this program is properly advertised,it will ensure more passenger traffic for 9w.
    The important thing is to attract more and more members into the program.
    I travel frequently on Jet,but often find the guy in the next seat is not member yet.
    JET should try and maximise the enrolment particularly for passengers who book thru travel sites. The could some incentive to these sites to rope in people at the time of booking.
    Another which is jarring ,is that on many occasions the fares on the jet website are higher than sites like Goibibo.Many times These sites give additional routing on jet flights ,which jet itself is not showing.This becomes a disincentive for going to the Airline website and exploring the benefits of membership.

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