The rumors are true: Jet Airways is the best airline in India

This is just in via a new survey conducted by one of India’s biggest newspaper ‘Hindustan Times’ on customer satisfaction with airlines and Airports in India. The results have some surprises but here they go:


  1. Jet Airways (up 1 rank as compared to 2009)
  2. Kingfisher (drops 1 rank as compared to 2009)
  3. Indigo (up 1 rank as compared to 2009)
  4. Kingfisher Red (up 2 ranks as compared to 2009)
  5. Jet Lite (up 2 ranks as compared to 2009)
  6. Spice Jet (down 3 ranks as compared to 2009)
  7. Go Air (down 2 ranks as compared to 2009)
  8. Indian (same as 2008)


  1. Bengaluru
  2. Delhi T3
  3. Delhi T1
  4. Chennai
  5. Hyderabad
  6. Ahmedabad
  7. Mumbai
  8. Indore
  9. Jaipur
  10. Lucknow

The story is here.

What is interesting is the perception Kingfisher still carries of a full-service carrier which satisfies its customers. Indigo could be moving up that spot anytime soon. Also, what catches my eye is Bengaluru Airport being the best in India, while amongst all of the Airports of India I have seen, I’d have voted for Delhi T3 as the best. Mumbai down there at number 7 is no surprise either!

Perhaps the rankings will be much different the next time this survey comes to fore!

Thanks to HT for all the information they printed this morning!



  1. Chennai above Hyderabad? The survey-responders cannot be serious! Bengaluru, the best in India?, also a bit of a stretch! What this tells me is that this survey cannot be taken seriously!

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