The journey is the reward…

I’ve used this adage for the longest time, and yet I did not know that like many things Chinese that exist, this is a Chinese proverb. So thank you China for giving me one more thing apart from the iPhone that really makes my life really interesting.

As a financial engineer, I work with clients and colleagues across the world and this still does necessitate travel and face to face meetings in the age of conference calls and video conferences.  This was my initiation into the world of airplanes and hotels quite a few years back. This was also my initiation to Mumbai, which is the commerce capital of India an upcoming financial supercentre much like London, New York and Hong Kong.

And once the travel bug gets you, it does get you. Work aside, where I am changing planes on a daily basis when I am on the road and waking up in a new city every day, I like visiting interesting places in my downtime also. Over the years, the importance of travel loyalty grew upon me, but I could not find enough information online about travels from and to India. This was where the seeds were sown for Live from a Lounge – the blog. The next steps were to find the right platform, and what better but to share the platform of some of the most seasoned travel bloggers around on BoardingArea.

This is the place where you’ll get to read the good, bad and ugly of my travel experiences. Be aware, I am a Jet Airways(9W) loyalist so there might be a higher coverage on them. I love Taj properties, and the IHG properties too, which is where my Priority Club membership comes handy. Also, since earning miles and points is important to a frequent traveller, you’ll read about some of that too. And if you want to hear from me on something or suggest an idea I should write about, please feel free to contact me on Alternatively, PM me on milepoint or flyertalk where my handle is A2A.

Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you around often.




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