The Jet Airways ICICI Bank co-branded cards, coming soon!

Jet Airways and ICICI Bank tied up for a co-branded credit card, along with their tie-up with HDFC Bank and American Express in July. The HDFC Bank version of the credit card, which came up in August, has not exactly been creating ripples in the market.

At the time of announcing their tie-up with HDFC Bank, Jet Airways had also stated that they are working on a co-branded product with ICICI Bank. Now, it seems this is going to be coming up soon. Here is a sneak preview of things to come I caught on the ICICI Bank website, after reader sameer sounded me off via a comment in an earlier post.


So, heightened expectations again. I am trying to find out from friends in the bank if they can share a teaser of what is on offer here, and I’ll share it with you if I find something to report!

Like they say, expect more! Winking smile

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