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United to launch Chicago – Delhi flight in 2020, taking Air India head on; add SFO-BLR connectivity in Spring 2021

a plane taking off from a runway

United Airlines has announced many new routes today, including a global expansion which focusses on new routes to India in Delhi and Bangalore, and then flights to Tel Aviv, Johannesburg and other destinations.

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A good Klout score is all you need to get into Cathay Pacific’s SFO F Lounge

I’m assuming everyone of you readers reading this has some sort of online social identity via Facebook, Google+ or Twitter. Klout is a site which measures your social influence by looking at all sorts of factors such as number of followers, number of likes on your post and others. They announced an interesting deal with Cathay Pacific yesterday, where a Klout score of 40 or upwards allows Klout users to access the recently-opened Cathay Pacific First and Business Class Lounge in San Francisco. Earlier than today, only F & J customers of the airline, and oneworld elites flying a oneworld-member airline could be the only ones who could access the lounge. Under the terms of the deal, anyone who complies…

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