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Sunday Plastic: American Express Platinum Travel Card

The turmoil at Kingfisher Airlines seems to have affected their relationship with American Express as well. The American Express Kingfisher First Credit Card, while it still exists in the pockets of those who had them for years, is not being issued anymore. American Express then had to quickly work on an alternative and they have recently launched the American Express Platinum Travel Card. Here is how I look at the American Express card hierarchy in India as of now: American Express Platinum Charge Card American Express Platinum Reserve Credit Card American Express Gold Charge Card American Express Platinum Travel Credit Card   Like you can see, the American Express Platinum Travel Credit Card is the entry level American Express card…

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Bye Bye Citibank Jet Airways Platinum Credit Card!

I just got off the phone with Citibank. This was one long tiresome negotiation we put each other through. And my misery is finally over. A few months ago Citibank and Jet Airways started taking away the benefits on the Citibank-Jet Airways Credit Card offered in India. I wrote about them and also contacted the Airline and the Bank to have a hard look at the whole setup and see what the competition was doing. As expected, I drew a blank there.I used to love this card since it contributed quite a bit to giving me my free round trip to the USA in Jet Airways Premiere Class this year, but the new terms did not look attractive anymore. It…

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