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Jet Airways mobile app now supports Mobile Check-in

This should have come in long ago, and it is now here. Earlier this week I wrote about the new self-service platform that Jet Airways has implemented, which is a step change from the earlier platform. Now, Jet Airways also has been late to the mobile party, and recently introduced apps for iOS, WindowsPhone, BlackBerry and Android devices. However, these did not have the ability to manage your reservations or even check-in into your flight. Now, with this update at the back end, the apps at least provide you with the ability to check in for your flight with your mobile phone (though they still don’t have PassBook based features!) One step at a time, I hope Jet Airways does…

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Jet Airways launches an Android app, iOS coming soon!

At last year’s hangar visit with Jet Airways, there was discussion that Jet Airways would launch apps for the various smartphones out in the market. After all, a mobile phone strategy is not just a luxury anymore but a need for the frequent flyer who has to manage a life on the go. However, it turned out that 9W’s initial focus was on the lower spectrum of the smartphone market, maybe they were trying to iron out the kinks by first focussing on the Windows and the Blackberry platform. However, the good news is, that just last Friday, Jet Airways launched an Android app. Now I don’t have an Android phone to take this app for a test drive, but…

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Hidden tricks to help you get Rs. 600 off your airtickets

Cleartrip, one of my favourite travel aggregator websites has a new trick up its sleeve to give you discounts. Cleartrip has a lovely and clean mobilephone interface as well, which comes up if you use via your smartphone’s browser. If you decide to book a roundtrip flight using your phone, you get another discount code ‘CTM’ which is valid for use till 31st March 2012. Using this, you get another Rs. 600 off your tickets apart from any other discounts you would have already received (from the airline or from Cleartrip). I tried using the same code in the website for Cleartrip, and it gave an error. Since the need to go somewhere obviously takes over, I booked a…

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