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LinkedIn referrals back: Get the Platinum Reserve Amex for 20% discount

American Express in India is clearly getting some good word of mouth and business via LinkedIn. Like I posted a few months back, American Express had tied-up with LinkedIn, where existing members can refer new members for a potential American Express card. For the period October to December 2012, that campaign has been renewed. If you have a LinkedIn account, you can refer your contacts there to get a new American Express Credit or Charge Card. There are some wonderful offers out there, and the Platinum Reserve card available via this promotion is something I’ve begin to like. American Express Platinum Reserve is the 2nd best card in the American Express hierarchy in India, and is a credit card. It…

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Reminder: 1 month to get your Amex LinkedIn referrals

A few weeks back I wrote about the current ongoing American Express referral program that Amex has launched with LinkedIn in India for sourcing the Platinum Reserve Credit Card and the Gold Charge card. Both the cards are going at a discount under this program where you get a 20% discount on the fee for the Platinum Reserve Charge Card and free first year for the Gold Charge Card. I’ve also reviewed the American Express Gold Charge Card subsequently. This is one of my daily usage card now, and I’ve explained the reasons here. I received a few emails from blog readers who I have provided with my reference and they have now started to report that they have received…

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Now, get an American Express Card at a discount via LinkedIn referrals

How I love my American Express plastic is something I have talked about in the past. I’ve been using them only for a year and a half now almost, but along with my Citibank Premier Miles Credit Card, the American Express Gold Charge Card is my go-to card. I’ve written about my views on the American Express Gold Charge Card customer service and will do a full review on this card in my upcoming series on Travel Credit Cards for India. LinkedIn and American Express India had tied up in September 2011 to source referrals for new American Express Kingfisher First Credit Cards and Platinum Reserve Credit Cards via existing LinkedIn members. Now, they are back. Under the new promotion…

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10,000 MR points/King Miles for referring Amex applications in India

I received an email from American Express while I was travelling a couple of weeks back. This was a promo which they had designed for existing card holders to refer their friends and contacts to American Express for the American Express Kingfisher First Credit Card and the American Express Platinum Reserve Credit Card.                   So, the offer, which seems to be a targetted one, is from a unique tie-up between Amex and LinkedIn in India. I haven’t been at the receiving end of such a marketing offer earlier, and I hold credit cards from most prominent CC issuers in India. The details of the offer are as follows: The applicant of the…

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