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Jet Airways going full service again

A few hours after Vistara, the new full service airline from Tata/Singapore Airlines showed its first look, Jet Airways made an announcement, which sort of made their life come full circle. A few years ago (7!), Jet Airways bought out Air Sahara, and rebranded them to run them as JetLite. Then, during the economic recession a few years back, they figured people did not want to pay the fares of a full-service carrier, so they used the same planes to offer JetKonnect, an all-economy offering which did not serve food. Then, some years later they took away the JetLite branding and called all their non-full service operations JetKonnect.  Complicated much? Yes. This has created a brand manager’s nightmare with so…

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Jet Airways’ new 50 bucks snafu!

Through a friend working for Jet Airways a while back, I had heard the murmurs of Jet Airways planning a new 50 Rs. fee. This time around, for all the (e)ticket printouts, but I laughed it off when I heard of it in March. I thought, a full-service carrier of that stature would not really go to these extents, but they did. Yesterday morning, some flyers were surprised to see a new charge come up ‘with immediate effect’. And later in the day came an email to all JetPrivilege members: Dear Mr. AJ, This is to bring to your notice that effective immediately, requests received for duplicate e-ticket printouts at Airline Ticketing Offices and City Ticketing Offices in India across…

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Jet Airways revamps JetPrivilege program (in a good way!), adds benefits across the board!

I’ve dried enough ink criticizing the Jet Airway’s Jet Privilege program, with the constant devaluation that has been going on for the past few months. First, they sized down the benefits from the Jet Airways Citibank Credit Card (forcing me to move out of the card), then the lounge access was pruned. Some Jet-lovers, including yours truly, saw it coming and petitioned Jet to rethink their strategy w.r.t. JetPrivilege again. However, the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel seems to have arrived yesterday when some new benefits of the JetPrivilege program went up on the website. I’m sure we will hear more of it in the days to come, but right now Jet Airways seems to have aligned…

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Jet Airways consolidates brands, JetLite is now JetKonnect

Recap: The wisdom behind Jet Airways’ 3 airline brands lies in the 2009 period when air travel went down with the downturn. Jet Airways (9W) was always a full-service carrier on the domestic and international traffic out of India. JetLite (S2) was called Air Sahara, till 2007 when Jet Airways bought it out and converted it into a low-fare carrier (branded JetLite). Jet Airways always wanted to integrate both the carriers, except that there was a tax liability which hasn’t been settled 7 years down the line, and hence S2 has not been folded into the main carrier 9W. Jet Konnect was the new brand from Jet Airways, which was launched in 2009. Jet Airways wanted to create a temporary…

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