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A visit inside the relics of Air India

The last I checked, I hadn’t visited an airline office in years, unless you’d count hangar visits and training facilities into the list. The internet and telephone pretty much does it for me. My last visit to an airline office was in 2008 if my memory serves me right, and this was to an Air India ticketing office in Mumbai, because they couldn’t issue my tickets to Singapore online for some reason. And then, it happened again, a visit to the same Air India office yesterday afternoon. It was not like I wanted to go or something, I’d rather have been punching away emails or making work phone calls or doing something productive. However, I was in the neighbourhood for…

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Air India double miles on select routes in India and free tickets offer

Air India has launched its annual double miles promotion and is offering 2x of base miles on select routes and flights between 20th July 2012 and 30th September 2012. Since this list is not published on the website, I’m posting it here for your reference. Take note that only these specific flights attract double miles in the Flying Returns program, which is unlike other promos in FFPs on a route basis. Air India is also running another promotion for frequent flyers, something they are advertising heavily in newspapers as well. Called the ‘Desh Videsh Offer’, it allows for frequent travellers on Air India to get free tickets on AI’s International network apart from earning mileage on the various sectors they…

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