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American Express Gold Charge Card changing Membership Reward points earning

It seems there is quite some amount of rework happening with the American Express Gold Charge Card offered in India. The card was being offered for free for the first year, and a fee of Rs. 4,500 (plus taxes) from the second year onwards. One of the key benefits of the card was the ability to earn a 1000 Membership Rewards points bonus by just making 4 transactions for Rs. 250 each per month. However, quite some things seem to have changed now. First, the card does not come free for the first year, but for a fee of Rs. 2,500 (plus taxes). And secondly, the feature to get 1000 bonus points after 4 uses of the card in a…

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Why my American Express Gold Card is fast gaining walletshare!?

When American Express, on my American Express Kingfisher First Credit Card decided to compulsorily sweep all my Membership Rewards points onto my King Club account every month as of May 2011, I was not very impressed with them. This because the original contract between us was about earning Membership Reward points, and I could choose to use them on any other reward as well at that point of time. I used to time my sweep to Kingfisher’s program with a bonus, so that I could earn the few extra miles. To placate me, American Express offered to issue me the newly relaunched Gold Charge Card, which usually comes free for the first year from the Amex stable. Their line was,…

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