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Manufactured Spending India: An opportunity to meet your spend limits

One of the key criteria that a lot of banks put out these days is to meet a certain amount of spend before you can have access to a bonus kitty of miles. The intention is to get the customers to spend a certain amount of money on the card in a certain period of time, and get them used to the card. Take for instance the following: Citibank PremierMiles wants you to spend INR 50,000 to be able to receive an extra 10,000 PremierMiles on a new application within the first 60 days. IndusInd wants you to spend INR 125,000 to be able to earn an extra 20,000 JPMiles within the first 100 days. SBI Air India Visa Signature…

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Get your ITC Hotel stays at 10% discounts

ITC Hotels vouchers, which can be redeemed against stay/food at participating properties are available for 10% off on Using these vouchers is totally akin to using cash, and the opportunity here is to save 10% on your booked rate by acquiring these vouchers for the stays. Like you can see, the Rs. 5000 vouchers are available for Rs. 4,500 and so on, and the vouchers are valid for 6 months from the date of issue. The only extra is Rs. 50 for shipping the vouchers. Also, since this is usable as cash, the full benefits of SPG will apply as well at properties which participate in the Starwood program. Here is the list of participating properties: Agra : ITC…

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Buying from was a bad idea!!

So like you guys know me, I keep pushing you to put all your spend on plastic money and earn miles and/or points for everything you do. However, there is another kind of plastic money I’ve never used in India which is prepaid cards. Why do I need them when I already have Visa/MasterCard/American Express lined up in my pocket, right? Sometime back, you’d remember I hopped over to Goa for a friend’s wedding and assorted events. Now, the gifting was due, and we for the love of our life, could not figure out what to gift since there was no public gift registry. Then, we went around the options of giving away gift vouchers, from the spa to many…

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