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Amex bites the bullet on the Kingfisher Amex Credit Card

The Kingfisher First American Express Credit Card was my first American Express Card ever and I had picked it up for all the good flying benefits that came with it in late 2010. You got a KingClub Gold tier membership straight away, and the ability to earn American Express MembershipReward Points which you could use to transfer to Kingfisher’s KingClub. All this was adding up well till the good times lasted and Kingfisher Airlines was going to join oneworld. Down the line, last April (2011) Kingfisher and American Express decided to take the co-branding a step further, and compulsorily transfer all the accumulated MR Points every month to the KingClub Account. So, my rant on this was that I could…

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1800 Rupees, a 1 hour long phone call and a couple of free round trips in Kingfisher First!

For those of you who have been reading my blog for a while, you would have figured that I am usually a Economy passenger on the domestic legs, and I’d like to be in Business on my long-haul flights. Essentially, I got into the aviation game when I moved base from Delhi to Mumbai about a decade back, and started being a regular on the morning flights for business! While initially I’d travel on the overnight train to get to Delhi to visit family, over a period of time I converted to Economy air travel as it became more affordable, and today, here I am, trying to share my bag of tricks with all of you. I remember very clearly…

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