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Streetside eating in NYC

Like some of you know, I trekked all the way from Mumbai to Colorado Springs (via AUH,JFK/LGA, DEN) to meet the Boarding Area set of bloggers and some other awesome bloggers for a weekend conference (sort of thing!) mixed with a tequila night and other fun stuff made possible by Randy Petersen and the House of Miles crew. While I’ll discuss that on the blog later, on the way out, I thought I’d build in a couple of days in the schedule to pop into New York and soak in the city (always a good idea!), apart from meeting friends I haven’t met in a while. I had a schedule mess, and I eventually arrived in NYC a full 12…

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“Nobody goes hungry on a MegaDo!”– Randy Petersen

It has been a week or so since I have come back from my first MegaDo, and apart from the many airline moments we had, there was a whole bunch of gastronomic delights lined up along the way. When not flying, we were sampling some very good food which I am assuming airline catering departments were told to keep from interfering with I can promise you these were not GateGourmet or SkyGourmet catering which we get on our flights. The title statement was made by Randy on the MegaDo blog in the planning stages, and I thought I’d test it out during this MegaDo. Let’s take a peep into all the interesting food on the ground! Monday, 23rd January, we…

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