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Japan Airlines becomes the first to fly the B787 to India

While Air India is preparing to receive its Boeing 787 Dreamliners from Boeing, which should be finally arriving somewhere in May 2012, Japan Airlines seems to have stolen the thunder from Air India by being the first airline to operate the 787 services to India. The picture you see above is from JAL’s 787 first approach at Delhi’s Airport. Japan Airlines recently received its Boeing 787 planes, and used the first one to start a Boston-Tokyo service which is a new route, with effect from May 1, 2012, they’ve also pressed this plane into service on the Tokyo-Delhi-Tokyo route, making JAL the first operator to bring the 787 planes to India commercially. There is good reason to believe this makes…

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Video: The Boeing 787 Dreamliner test program

“If its not Boeing, I’m not going” is the common adage you learn while you’re in the Washington state of USA, and it gets louder the closer you get to Seattle. I’ve been a great fan of Boeing airplanes for a very long time and hence keenly looking over the various phases of the B787’s development. I recently discovered a video that Boeing uploaded a few days back, encapsulating the various tests the Boeing 787 airplane went through to get the new plane certified and upto safetry standards. Turn up the volume, get the popcorn, at 11:32, this is a mini-movie in itself. All of it is fascinating, some more than the others at 4:20 where you get to see the high-speed…

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A first look inside the Boeing 787 Dreamliner which will go to Air India

There has been a lot of talk and speculation on Air India and its fate with the Dreamliners, but looks like it is all falling into place now. Boeing made a massive publicity stint with bringing the 787 to India Aviation 2012, one painted in Air India livery and ready to be given to the airline once the certification is complete, and Air India and Boeing can settle the tussle over the compensation to be paid to AI for the delay. Yours truly was one of the few invited to have a peep inside, and I gladly took the short hop to Hyderabad to explore what AI and Boeing were cooking up together. The plane made a 14 hour flight…

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I’m off to Hyderabad for India Aviation 2012

Actually, I am already here in Hyderabad and typing this post via my iPhone. India Aviation is the bi-annual airshow organised in India, and is in its 3rd edition now. I really wanted to go, but I wasn’t sure thanks to multiple professional commitments which were not sorting themselves out. The airshow is on from 14 to 18 March 2012 in Hyderabad, but it made sense only to come in one of the days of today (15 March) or tomorrow (16 march) since these are the days the Boeing 787-8, will be around. Although chatter is on about if and when Air India is getting these birds, the one that has come to the airshow is the 787 that is…

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