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Its over – Part 1. Kingfisher International Operations closed down

A couple of days ago I wrote about Kingfisher Airlines closing down most of their international routes. London, Bangkok, Kathmandu, Dhaka went off the map first, and then soon after Hongkong went off the map as well. No news they were in bad shape. However, they were maintaining a thin operation to Dubai,Colombo and Singapore which were serviced by the A320 and they still have a few of those planes left. via, I just got an update that the remaining international operations are also going out of the window from the 25th March 2012, when the airline switches to a Summer schedule (SIC!). Bangalore – Dubai 1 Daily service Cancelled eff 25MAR12 Chennai – Colombo 1 Daily service Cancelled…

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Kingfisher domestic schedule cuts 51% flights, pulls out of 18 domestic routes

I promised an update on the Kingfisher schedule inside India. The schedule that went up on 5th February 2012 became permanent for Summer 2012 when it went up on the GDS systems this week. did an excellent analysis already, which I quote below: Bangalore – Chennai 2 of 6 Daily service Cancelled Bangalore – Hyderabad 2 of 5 Daily service Cancelled Bangalore – Kochi 10 of 24 weekly service Cancelled Chennai – Coimbatore 2 Daily service Cancelled Chennai – Hyderabad 1 Daily service Cancelled Chennai – Mangalore 1 Daily service Cancelled Chennai – Tiruchirapally 1 Daily service Cancelled Chennai – Vishakapatnam 1 Daily service Cancelled Delhi – Ahmedabad 1 Daily service Cancelled Delhi – Amritsar 2 Daily service Cancelled…

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Kingfisher Airlines pulls out of London, Bangkok, Dhaka and Kathmandu

The bad news seems to not stop rolling for Kingfisher Airlines. I previously discussed the truncated schedules uptil March 2012 for Kingfisher Airlines international operations. A couple of days back, Kingfisher Airlines was let go from the IATA interline clearing house and the billing settlement plan, thereby taking away the revenue lines from them. Via, the new summer schedules of Kingfisher Airlines were updated on the global distribution systems. Kingfisher Airlines has discontinued operations from London, which was its only European destination. Here is a comprehensive update: London: Delhi-London Heathrow cancelled from 10th April 2012, Mumbai – London Heathrow cancelled from 16th April 2012 Bangkok: Like I wrote before, Mumbai – Bangkok and Delhi – Bangkok was already cancelled,…

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